This article will give you more information about the MALL Partner portal. You can find out what it is used for and how to work with the portal below.

The Partner Portal is a site that helps you sell on MALL.
It is used to modify order statuses, upload or edit products, set up delivery methods, or export invoicing documents (needed for manual billing method). You will also find an overview of marketing campaigns, statistics, and more.

Below are the individual tabs of the portal and their functions.
You can log in to the MALL Partner portal using this link:



After logging in, the Orders tab will be the first tab you will see. Here you will find an overview of your orders and you can continue working with them.
In this section you can change the status of your orders (except for MALL Delivery), view order details, download the delivery note, print the shipping label (in case of MALL Delivery) and if you are using manual billing, export the file for invoicing. You can read more information about orders here.

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Feed/Heureka Feed

If you are using a feed connection, you will also find the Feeds or Heureka Feed tab in your Partner Portal.

When connecting via MALL XML Feed, you will find fields for entering the URL of your product and availability feed in the Feeds tab.
Here you can also monitor their ongoing synchronization to remove any errors from the feed and download your order feed.

If you are connected through XML Heureka Feed, is your next bookmark right now Heureka feed. As described above for the MALL XML Feed, here you insert the URL of the product and availability Heureka feed, set them to update and there is an order feed to download.

You can also manage feed status, match categories, parameters and values and control product movement or assign a bigbox flag to products.

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In the Billing tab you can find an overview of all issued invoices and credits.
You will also find invoices concerning the MALL Self-Billing option. If you are interested in MALL Self-Billing, you can apply for it in this section.

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In the Products tab you will find three subcategories, namely Uploaded Products, Categories and List of Brands.

In the subcategory Uploaded products is a list of all your products.
Here you can set what information you want to display (eg status, preview, availability,…).
In case of manual connection, this section is used for creating, editing and deleting products, you can also use the auxiliary here product copy icon and you switch products here from status draft to live.

With other connections, this section is only for product preview and changing their draft/live status.

Next is Category. Here you will find a list of all the MALL categories you have open in the country where you sell.
Open categories are highlighted in bold and can be viewed further.

In the tab, you can also find sorting parameters for categories, based on which the product will be displayed in the correct section on our website. You can also download parameters and their values in JSON or XLS format.

In the subcategory List of brands you can search for brands in existing ones, or create a new brand.

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In the Shipping tab you will find two subcategories, namely Setting up carriers and MALL Delivery.

In the Delivery settings subcategory, you can set delivery parameters, such as the amount from which you provide free delivery for the customer. You can also add new carriers here.

In the subcategory MALL Delivery you can find information about this new service and request for the activation of the service.
If you are already using MALL Delivery you will find a code for picking up undelivered shipments and other information here.

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In the tab Partner you will find basic information such as API key (Client ID), partner pages on MALL, Close time and other. You can here to manage notifications, add contacts and contact addresses and add new accounts for your colleagues. In order to work together seamlessly, contacts for all nine roles available need to be added.
In this section you can also log in to Sandbox account, which is used to view hidden, as yet unpublished products on the web.

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The Performance tab informs you about the quality of your services related to the sale of goods on MALL Partner. In this section you will find the latest data on Cancel rate and Status error. For more information on these SLAs, please see here.

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Services for partners

Under Partner Services there are two subcategories Add-ons and Extensions and MALL Financing. The former serves as an overview of the main services offered to partners. Here you can learn more about MALL Delivery, MALL Self-Billing, MALL Pay, MALL TV and Heureka.

The subcategory MALL Financing contains information about a new service provided by the startup Lemonero, which aims to provide Czech eshops with affordable financing.

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The Marketing tab is further divided into Marketing Campaigns, Partner Page and MALL.TV.

The Marketing Campaigns subcategory provides an overview of the campaigns you have been or are currently involved in.

A HTML code is available in the Partner Page subcategory, which is used to link your website / e-shop with your product pages on MALL.

The MALL.TV section offers a brief introduction to this platform and you can also apply for cooperation here.

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The Statistics tab provides an overall overview of your sales. For example, you will find the total number of orders, your best-selling products or GMV for the period of your choice.

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Help Centre

In the last tab, FAQ, there is a link to our Knowledge Base, which contains information, manuals, and instructions from different categories, for example regarding billing and delivery.
If, despite all the information provided here, you do not know how to deal with something, use the Ask a Question function.

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