In the following article, we will explain the terms Draft and Live Product, what these terms mean for us and why we use them to describe products.

There is no separate test and sharp account in our system. All operations take place under one account, which goes through several phases.
At the beginning of technical implementation in cooperation with Onboarding the team begins the penultimate phase, the so-called status Testing. It is not possible during this phase publish products.
After successful implementation and joint approval, we will switch your account to Production status, ie a sharp environment. Only then is your products possible publish.

The draft / live product flag is used to help distinguish between unpublished and published products.


The product must have this flag whenever the partner account is in the Testing phase, ie the technical implementation is still in progress.

Products in the MALL Partner portal in the Draft state are so-called unpublished. On the MALL website, unpublished products are displayed to the user only after logging in Sandbox account. The partner sees only his own unpublished products (highlighted in yellow) and only after logging in to the account on the MALL website.

We recommend using the Draft flag even after launching it into the production environment in the event of expanding the range. When you upload a product as a draft, you can check its display via Sandbox account and only subsequently the product publish.

It is not possible to change the product flag to live during the Testing phase.


You change the status of the Live product only with the approval of the onboarding team.

Products in the MALL Partner portal in the Live state are so-called published (for all users visible on the MALL website).

Switching products to live takes place only after successful product appearance control and settings by the Onboarding and Content team.
After checking, the onboarding specialist will switch your account to the final phase - Production. It will then inform you that products are possible switch to live.

Important warning!
If you change the product status from Draft to Live, you can no longer change the product status back. In other words: The product in the live state cannot be set back to the draft state (unpublished). To deactivate the product, use other methods, which you will find described in more detail in our article here.

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