How to activate products by individual connections

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The following article will give you instructions on how to switch products to live according to the connection.


Basic information

The transition to the online environment takes place only after the completion of all necessary points before starting, after these points have been checked by your onboarding specialist and after successful content control by our content team.

Once all of the above is done, you will be instructed by your onboarding specialist to switch the products to live, i.e. online mode.

WARNING: A product switched to live cannot be switched back to draft status. Deactivation of products is then done by setting 0 stock or changing the product status from active to inactive.

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Manual product switching - designed for Manual and Heureka XML feed connection type

For all connections, the products can be switched manually directly in list of products in the MALL Partner Portal.

Manual switching is the only way to activate products for Manual and Heureka xml feed connection types. If you have a MALL XML feed or API connection type, this method can also be used, but then you need to change this state in the feed and API connection as well. The procedure can be found below.

Be careful when switching products within the Heureka XML feed connection, as a running product cannot be disabled. In case this situation occurs by mistake, products can only be deactivated by an onboarding specialist.

1. Bulk product activation

This feature is used when you want to switch your complete product portfolio online.
The button can be found in list of products in the section Products.

After clicking on the button "Activate all products" you will see an automatic window where you need to confirm the selected action.

After confirmation, the products will change in the column Draft value on "live" and the products will be gradually transcribed to the web.

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2. Selective product activation

Bulk selection

In case you do not want to run the complete product portfolio, it is possible to select the part that will be run.

Highlight the selected products, expand the options on the top right and select "Set live", then just click on the button "Apply".
After confirmation, the products will change in the column Draft value on "live" and the products will be gradually transcribed to the web.

Individual product switching

Products can also be switched individually by changing the value to "live" directly in the column Draft.

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Switching products to connect MALL XML feed

Activation of products for the MALL XML feed connection type is done directly by setting in product XML feed. Just change the values in the element from "draft" on "live" and include the feed for processing.

Draft product in testing phase: draft
Live product that switches online: live

At the same time, the condition for displaying the product on the website is also the indication of the ACTIVE status in the availability feed.


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Switch products for API connection

Products can be activated via API calls:

  • Selectively  - activation of a selected product group
  • Bulk - activation of the complete product portfolio

It is also a condition of displaying the product/variant on the website that the ACTIVE status is indicated next to the availability of the product.
"status": "A"

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In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre. If you are ready to go on sale, you can report it to us via the script I'm ready to start selling.

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