Product feed

Firstly, you must have the Product Feed set. It contains all product essentials, such as product brand, product description, price, special price or labels on products displayed online. This feed is used to create and edit products.

IMPORTANT: The structure and logic of this feed is unchangeable, please follow the steps below carefully.

Here you can download sample product feeds in .xml format.

A link to your product feed must be inserted in the Product feed box in the portal MALL Partner. After checking the box below it, the feed can be secured using the http Basic authentication, details can be found here. You will also find a diagram in XSD format here, suitable for validating the feed structure, which is described below.

After inserting a link to your product feed, it must be saved. Afterwards you can choose to either process it manually or an automatic synchronization after 6/12 or 24 hours can be set. Note that if automatic synchronization is set, you cannot process the feed manually. If you want to process the feed manually, you must primarily turn off the timer, by setting DISABLED, and then save.

IMPORTANT: All products, even if they are not in stock, must still be kept in the Product Feed. Their availability is controlled using the Availability feed.

Sorting parameters and categorization

In order for the products to be displayed correctly on the page, it is necessary to provide two basic data, namely the category code and sorting parameters. You can find both necessary data from the category tree for the given country, which is sent to you by our sales representative, or you can find the necessary data in the MALL Partner portal in the section Category.
A more detailed description of categories, sorting parameters and their values can be found in the article here.

IMPORTANT: Sorting parameters with a value assigned to them are mandatory. Without specifying these parameters, the product will not be displayed on our website.


For the correct display of your products online, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of creating groups of variant products, e.g. a T-shirt in 10 colour variants and 5 sizes is required as one product group/variant product. For the creation of product variations, you will find below the specific elements that must be used. For creating variants these three basic data are important:

  1. Identifier of a group of variant products
  2. Identifier of MAXIMUM 2 PARAMETERS based on which this group differs (typically color, size, material)
  3. Indicating parameter value based on which the product group differs

Error log

To check the processing result of your Product Feed, use the log button, under which you will find the results of all processing. If an error occurs, it is listed in the list of errors, which you can access by clicking on the icon at the end of given line. Here you will find a list of all errors that our database found. If any record is not understandable, please contact the responsible person or ask your IT specialist for advice. At the same time, please note that the error log only records errors that our databases can detect. Errors caused by wrongly set values for listing in categories cannot be detected in this way.

IMPORTANT: The database always checks each of your products until it finds an error in the data. If this happens, the product will call up an entry in the error log and the database will read other products in your feed. Therefore, if you have more than 1 bug in a given product, this cannot be detected the first time it is played.

XML feed structure

IMPORTANT: All elements are mandatory, except for the fields marked as optional. The same applies for their order.

IMPORTANT: Basic elements cannot be added to the feed with empty data, the system evaluates this as an error.

ITEMS XML root element
It´s marked only once in the file.
ITEM Contains information about a particular product or variation.
ID Product or variant ID
You enter your code here, which is then copied into order data, for example.
Combinations of a maximum of 50 characters, allowed characters are: _, -, 0-9, a-z, A-Z (underscores, hyphens, numbers zero to nine, lowercase and uppercase letters without accents).
STAGE Used to phase product uploads. Only has live/draft values. When uploading any product for the first time, products must always be sent in draft.
ITEMGROUP_ID If it is a variant, this element indicates the ID of the product to which the variant is linked.
Combinations of a maximum of 50 characters, allowed characters are: _, -, 0-9, a-z, A-Z (underscores, hyphens, numbers zero to nine, lowercase and uppercase letters without accents).
ITEMGROUP_TITLE If it is a variant, the field indicates the title of the superior product.
CATEGORY_ID Category identifier
Must always contain the category code according to our category tree for given country, where the product is uploaded. Category trees may vary by country.
BRAND_ID Brand Identifier
Follow instructions here
TITLE Product title
Cannot contain brand name, maximum length is 200 characters.
SHORTDESC Short product description
Without formatting and HTML tags, maximum length of 300 characters.
LONGDESC Long product description
Can contain basic HTML tags, the maximum length is 13 000 characters.
PRIORITY Fill in the value 1 in the field.
The system automatically sorts products using an algorithm that works on the principle of the number of clicks, traffic and sales of the product.
This is an obsolete element that still needs to be filled in, but is not taken into account at all.
We are currently working to remove it.
PACKAGE_SIZE Has values smallbox/bigbox, indicates the size of the package.
smallbox has 3 conditions:
– the sum of all three sides of the package is up to 175 cm
– the longest side of the package max 100 cm
– package weight up to 20 kg
bigbox is any package that does not meet the above
BARCODE EAN product code is mandatory for us. The system accepts 13 numeric characters.
If your EAN has 14 numeric characters, enter it as 13 digits without the 0 at the beginning. If you have a shorter 8-digit EAN, add as many 0's to the beginning as needed to fill the 13 characters.
PRICE Product price incl. VAT corresponding to the country. The price must not include commission.
VAT VAT percentage in whole numbers (e.g. 21)
RRP Recommended retail price
In countries outside the CZ, use as an amount separator dot ".".
PARAM Product parameters
PARAMNAMEParameter identifier (e.g. COLOR)
Always contains the technical name of the parameter (in English)
PARAMVALUEParameter value (e.g. 'red')
Always contains the parameter value in the language version of the targeted country
VARIABLE_PARAMS Indicates variable parameters(MAX 2)
VARIABLE_PARAMSPARAMVariable parameter identifier (e.g. COLOR)
MEDIA Product images / variants, max. Number of images is 20.
(maximum 200 characters, maximum image resolution is 2000x2000px, minimum size is 100 KB and maximum size is 2 MB)
Image URL must not contain spaces or accents.
To change the image, the URL of the image needs to change.
MEDIAMAINtrue/false indicates whether this is the main image. Only one MEDIA element can contain true.
MEDIAEnergy label
Attention: it is necessary to use all elements from the example, otherwise the whole product feed will be disabled
MEDIA URLEnergy label URL
MEDIA MAINalways fill in the value FALSE
MEDIA SWITCHalways fill in the value FALSE
MEDIA ENERGY_LABELalways fill in the value TRUE
MEDIA INFORMATION_LISTalways fill in the value FALSE
MEDIA Information sheet
Attention: it is necessary to use all elements from the example, otherwise the whole product feed will be disabled
MEDIA URL URL of the fact sheet
MEDIA MAIN always fill in the value FALSE
MEDIA SWITCH always fill in the value FALSE
MEDIA ENERGY_LABEL always fill in the value FALSE
MEDIA INFORMATION_LIST always fill in the value TRUE
PROMOTION Special price
PROMOTIONFROMPrice valid from (in the format 2002-05-30T19: 00: 00)
PROMOTIONTOPrice valid until (in the format 2002-05-30T19: 00: 00)
DIMENSIONS Dimensions of the product for transport

ATTENTION: When including DIMENSIONS in the feed, it is always necessary to state all dimension elements for the correct loading of products
LABEL Labels
LABELNAMELabel identifier. A list of all available labels can be found under the link below. After the “=” symbol add Client_ID, which can be found in the partner portal:
LABELFROMLabel validity date from (in the format 2002-05-30T19: 00: 00)
LABELTOLabel validity date to (in the format 2002-05-30T19: 00: 00)
DELIVERY_DELAY Indicates the number of whole working days for product delivery, given in whole numbers. This information can be set for entire catalogue in the partner portal under the section Deliveries , or at the level of individual products.
Delivery delay set for products has priority over delivery delay set in Deliveries tab.

0 = data is taken from deliveries settings
FREE_DELIVERY true/false values
Indicates whether the product has free delivery

The example of a variant product with all the essentials in XML feed

The example of a non-variant product without optional parts in XML feed

Product display

After uploading your products from the product feed successfully, it is necessary to complete the controlling of all requirements necessary for products listing to the desired category. Please do this check after the successful synchronization of the product feed and uploading products is complete.

To check the products, first go to the "Partner" section, the "Sandbox accounts" tab and you will find the generated login details, under which you log in to our website in the country in which you want to list your products.
Then, in the list of products, just click on the square icon at the end of the line next to the product. If the product is displayed, you have data in the feed corresponding to our database. You will find more detailed instructions here.

If you get a notification stating that the product failed to display, the sorting parameters may be entered incorrectly. Please first check with the category tree whether you have correctly entered sorting parameters with correct values to the feed. Next check whether you are logged in via the account you created in the Accounts tab. If none of the options work, get in touch with MALL contact person responsible for your technical input.

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