Labels or stickers highlight information such as free shipping or news.
The special price represents a discount on the product.

Information about the individual labels/special prices and what they mean can be found here.

Label settings and special prices according to the connection method:

Connection via Manual input:

Partners connected via manual input set labels and special prices for products in the MALL Partner portal in the Basic tab in the Price and sale offer section.
Partner selects the required label or special price and sets its validity (from-to) - when creating a new product or editing an already created product.
The start of validity must be set at the earliest the following day (e.g. if you set the special price on 10.9., then the beginning of the validity of the special price can be set at the earliest from 11.9.).

Example of entering labels and special price for manual connection

If you want to use the special price or label for individual variants as well, you can set this in the "Variants" tab in the same way as described above.

Example of the Variants tab in the partner portal

Connection via MALL XML Feed:

The partner adds to element in the feed "LABEL" or "PROMOTION" the required values according to the current XSD schema, which can be found in the partner portal. You will also find a valid entry in the feed documentation.

Example of feed entry:


                2020-01-01T00: 00: 00

                2020-02-01T23: 59: 59

Example of feed entry:


                2020-01-01T00: 00: 00

                2020-02-01T23: 59: 59

Connection via Heureka XML Feed:

If you have a connection via Heureka XML Feed and you want to assign labels or a special price to your products, it is necessary to contact the e-mail address, we will set them up for you.

API connection:

For labels, the partner sends data in the structure:

  • label * - label code
  • from * - start of validity
  • to * - expiration

For the special price, the partner sends data in the structure:

  • price * - special price
  • from * - start of validity
  • to * - expiration

A complete list of all Labels is available in the online API documentation - Labels. Instructions for the special price can also be found here.

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