Labels and Real Discount are marketing tools that help to increase the attractiveness of your products for customers and thus have a positive impact on your sales at MALL/Mimovrste.
Our internal data shows that highlighting a product can improve sales by up to four times, which is why we recommend using LABELS and Real Discount.

Only the following labels can be used, which are set by the Partner. 
Other labels may only be used by agreement with MALL. These are labels specifically designed for a particular Partner or labels designed for various marketing campaigns.

Label names and what they mean

The display of labels on our website may vary depending on changes and overall modifications to the website.


This label will help you apply a sticker to the product Novelty.
The customer can then filter your product in the given category on the website through the parameter Label = New.
You can set the New label on the product for a maximum of one month.
Our data suggests that this setting can help you increase product sales by approximately 12%.

Example of the New label on product

Free shipping "FDEL"

The FDEL label identifies the product with a sticker Free transport.
Products marked with this label are very attractive and most preferred for customers.
Free shipping results can increase your sales by up to 450%.

Example of Free shipping label on product

Sale "SALE"

The SALE label adds a Sale and show what the discount is, if any. It is used in case the product is sold out and will no longer be available.
To see the discount amount for a product, you must have at least 5% discount from the lowest selling price, which will be displayed from the last 30 days price history.
In a given category, a product can be filtered via Tag = Sale

Sample of the Sale label for the product

Real discount

If you have products that you want to have with a special price, change the selling price (price) of the products. The amount of the real discount is calculated from the history of sale prices for the last 30 days.
The condition for displaying the discount amount for a product is at least 5%.

Therefore, we will no longer base the discount amount on the recommended retail price "RRP", but on the selling price. For any pricing, including discount promotions, only the "price" attribute will have to be used, the "promotion" attribute will no longer be used to change the price.

For a certain temporary period, the system will accept if you fill in the RRP and PROMOTIONS attributes, but their values will be ignored. They will then be removed completely in the foreseeable future.

Sample Real Product Discounts

Setting Labels and Real Discounts according to the connection method:

Manual connection:

Partners connected via manual input set the labels and the real discount for the product in MALL Partner portal in the tab "Basic" under the "Price and sale offer" section.
Choose the desired label and set its validity (from-to) - when creating a new product or editing an existing product.
The start of validity must be set at the next day at the earliest (eg if you are seting the special price on 16.5., then the beginning of the validity of the special price can be set at the earliest from 17.5.).

You can set the real discount in the Selling price - Price with VAT field. If you want to end the discount, just return the original value in the Price with VAT field or a higher value than the discount.
Please note: The actual discount must be at least 5% less than the sale price.

If you want to use a sale offer or a label for individual variants, you can also set this in the "Variants" tab in the same way as described above.

Example of the Variants tab in the partner portal

Connection via MALL XML Feed:

You need to add the required values to the "LABEL" element in the product feed. Valid entry can be found in the article Instructions for MALL XML Feed.


Example of feed entry:


                2020-01-01T00: 00: 00

                2020-02-01T23: 59: 59

Real discount

Example of an entry in the feed



Please note: The actual discount must be at least 5% less than the sale price.

Connection via Heureka XML Feed:

If you are connected via Heureka XML Feed and want to assign tags to your products, send us a request via our FAQ.

Below you will find a downloadable file to insert products and then submit via the Help Center.

You can set the real discount in the Heureka product feed in the element PRICE_VAT.

Please note: The actual discount must be at least 5% less than the sale price.

API connection:

For labels, the partner sends data in the structure:

  • label* - label code
  • from* - start of validity
  • to* - expiration

A complete list of all Labels is available in the online API documentation - Labels.

Please note: The actual discount must be at least 5% less than the sale price.

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