Brand is one of the mandatory parameters/elements for creating products in all languages on our website. Their use differs according to the input type.

General Information

The main aim is to assign brand information to each product. The brand you assign to your product is automatically copied to the beginning of product´s title online..

Database of established brands is constantly growing based on your needs.
Brands can be found either using API endpoint, more information below, or directly in the partner´s portal.

Searching for a tag in the API

A list of all tags is available via API calls GET ALL BRANDS.
The list of brands is identical for all countries.

Brand search in partner portal

Brands can be found in the Product tab – Brands. You can redirect to portal here.

To verify if your brand is already in our database, simply write name of brand into the given cell. The system compares the results and either will show the existing brand or will suggest creating a new one. How to create a new brand is described below.

Brand Creation

If you cannot find your brand as shown above, you'll need to submit a request for a new brand, providing following information:

  • Brand name
  • Brand logo in format JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • Short brand description
  • Translation of short brand description (optional) – translation is not automatic

After saving the brand will occur in the brand requests list as shown below. Next submit the request.

Please send tags all at once, otherwise the tagging process may be significantly delayed.

After pressing "Send requests“You will be notified if you really want to send the request. In the case of multiple brands, continue loading by pressing the "Continue" and at the end click send request.

You can also watch our instructional video (only in Czech)

Inserting brand to products according to input type:

Manual Input

If you are uploading your products manually, brands are assigned in the "Basic" tab of "Structure" section. Instructions to manual input can be found here.

If the brand already exists, the system will offer the given brand name.

Heureka XML feed

In the Heureka feedu, it is mandatory to use the brand name in the MANUFACTURERelement in order to upload products. The Heureka feed input works only for /

With the Heureka feed, it is not necessary to check the above lists of established brands, as products with brand information are automatically copied to the MALL portal.

You can find brands in “Heureka feed” tab in your Partner portal by clicking on "Feed status" at the top of the page.

Brand results can be found in your feed on the right side of the page.

By clicking on the view icon, you will find a list of brands that have been assigned to products from your feed. All brands are found in the list, which can be filtered according to your choice.
For brands which were not automatically recognized by the system, it is necessary to send us data according to instructions in the section Brand Creation, see above. Brand Creation above.


If you have chosen the input via MALL XML feed, a element is mandatory within the feed. In this element, it is always necessary to state the brand ID in the same format as it is saved on our database. You can find the brand ID through API call described above.

If the brand ID is either incorrect in your feed or the brand is not established in our system, an error message "UNKNOWN BRAND ID" will appear.

In case an error notification occurs, it is necessary to check the existence of the given brand in our database. If the brand is not created, please send us data according to instructions in the section Brand Creation, as mentioned above. Brand Creation above.

API Input

Within the attributes of "CREATE PRODUCT" call, the product brand is added using brand_id.

It must contain the brand ID under which the brand is established in our database. If you submit either a badly entered brand ID or a non-existent brand, you need to correct its format, or ask the person responsible for your API input to send us a request for a brand creation in our database.

If an error notification "UNKNOWN BRAND ID" appears, see above (the same as XML Feed).

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