The tag is one of the basic mandatory elements for adding products to all language versions of our website. Their perception and use varies according to the type of linking.

General Information

The goal when listing products is to match a specific brand to each individual product. By providing brand information, the brand name is automatically written in the first place in the main product caption.


Because we have the feature of auto-completing the brand from the Brand field, the brand name must not be part of the product name. Otherwise, the brand name will be duplicated in the title.

The database of established brands is constantly growing based on your requests.
You can search for a brand directly in the MALL Partner Portal or by using API endpoints, see below.

Searching for brands in the MALL Partner portal

Brands can be found in the "Products" section in the "Brands" subsection.

To find out if your brand is listed in our database, simply enter the name in the appropriate box. If the brand exists in our database, the uploaded description and logo will be displayed. Otherwise, a button with the option Establish a brandthe procedure can be found below.

Among the data found you will find:  

  • Logo - Brand logo displayed on the product detail (max size 2 MB). 
  • Brand ID - The technical code of the brand, not containing special characters and spaces. For the MALL feed and API connection types, it is mandatory to use the Brand ID of each brand when creating and updating products. 
  • Web Title - Text that will be displayed on the product on the web based on the paired brand or the specified Brand ID. 
  • Tag description - The text that appears in the header of the tag page when it is displayed on the site. The brand description is not visible on the product detail. 

Searching for a tag in the API

A list of all tags is available via API calls GET_BRANDS.
The list of brands is identical for all countries.

Brand History tab in the MALL Partner Portal

In the tab History you will find all your requests for the establishment of brands. Clicking on each row will show you the tags you have applied for.

Establishment of the brand

If the brand could not be found in our database, you need to send a request to create a brand in the partner portal by pressing the green "Create a brand" button. After pressing the button, you will see an automatic window where you fill in all the details of the new brand:

  • Brand name
  • Brand logo
  • Short description of the brand
  • Translation of short descriptions into other languages (optional) - translation is not automatic

Licenses, authors, publishers and publishing houses cannot be established as brands. If you have products of this type, please contact us through Help Centre.

Once saved, the tag is added to the list of new requests to be created, see image. The request must then be submitted.

Please send the tags all at once, otherwise the tag creation process could be significantly delayed.

After pressing the "Send requests", you will be notified if you actually want to submit the request. In case of multiple tags, continue with the filing by pressing the "Continue" and then send the requests in one go.
We must then file the mark in our systems based on your request. It usually takes 2-3 working days to process the request.

There can be only one Admin within the access accounts to your portal.

The procedure for inserting a tag to the product according to the individual connections:

Manual import

If you upload products manually, the tag is assigned in the second step in the "Basic" tab, in the "Structure" section. Instructions for manual linking can be found in here.

If the tag is established in the list, the system will offer the tag when the name is entered.

Heureka XML feed

In the framework of Heureka feed to upload a product, it is mandatory to include the brand in your feed, within the element MANUFACTURER. Heureka feed connection works only for /

For the Heureka feed, there is no need to check the above lists of established brands, as products with brand information are automatically entered into the MALL portal.

In the partner portal, you can then find them in the Heureka feed tab by clicking "Feed Status" at the top of the portal.

You can see the results of the markers in your feed on the right side of the page.

Click the view icon to see a list of tags that have been loaded for products in your feed. In the listing you will then find all the tags where you can optionally filter.
In the case of tags that the system has not automatically found, you must send us the data according to the instructions in the section Establishment of the brand Above.


If, that you have chosen a form of connection throughMALL feedy, is a mandatory element within the feed. In this element, you must always include the Brand ID of the brand as it is based in our database. You can find the Brand ID via the API call described above or in the corresponding menu in the portal.

If the Brand ID of the brand is either wrong in your feed or the brand is not established in our system, the message "UNKNOWN BRAND ID ...." will appear in your error log.

In case of this error message, you need to check the existence of the tag in our database. If the tag is not established, you need to send the data to us according to the instructions in the section Establishment of the brand Above.

API connection

Within the attributes of the "CREATE PRODUCT" call, the product brand is added within the brand_id.

The content must be the Brand ID under which the brand is based in our database. In case you send in a brand_id with either a wrong Brand ID or a non-existent brand, you need to correct the wording, or if the brand is not established, you need to send a request to us following the instructions in the Brand Establishment section above.

The error message will then be the same as for the XML feed, namely "UNKNOWN BRAND ID ...." .

Editing of the brand 

If a brand is established in our database but some of the information, such as the logo or description, needs to be modified, please submit your request through the Help Center using the script Editing an established brand

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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