If you use manual input, this article will serve as a guide for the correct setting of your products in the new design. Below you will find the description of given cells, how to fill them correctly and further important details.

To create products, log in to the MALL Partner portal, for the MALL domain, log in here and for Mimovrste log in here. After successfully logging in, click on the Products.

This section allows you to manage your products - create, edit, copy and delete products.

Product Creation

Using the "New Product" button (at the top right), a form will show to fill in with product information.


To categorize products correctly, it is necessary to determine, to which category your product belongs.
After selecting a category, it will automatically appear in the "Basic data" section and at the same time a sorting parameter will be added to the "Parameters" section. Without this parameter the product would not be displayed on our website.

There are two ways, how you can choose from open categories:

  • The browser will display the categories and subcategories that you have open and from which you can choose
  • You can click through the subcategories to the final one (they follow the sorting parameters, which are automatically displayed in the "Parameters section" after selection).
    Categories with a lock symbol are not open for you, therefore you cannot choose this category for your product.
    You can only click through the categories that are highlighted.

After selecting the final category, the entire category path will be shown, and you can click directly into the "Basic data" section. Now, you can continue with setting the product.

Basic data

The "Basic" tab is divided into several boxes that need to be filled in, so that your product set up will work correctly.
When saving the product, unfilled mandatory panels are displayed in red and it is therefore necessary to complete them before saving again.

Product description

  • Product Title – Do not enter brand name in the product title, it is automatically added to the first place from the „Brand“ field. We recommend writing a general product title, which is easy to look up (e.g. toy car) + basic features of the product (e.g. remote controlled). Alternatively, other properties that characterize the product with the maximum number of 200 characters.
  • Short description – brief description of the product with maximum number of 300 characters. It should be a continuous text without bullets or paragraphs. Each sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a dot. The short product description should be shorter than the long product description. Both – short and long description – cannot link to websites other than MALL/Mimovrste.
    We recommend using keywords as a general product title (e.g. long-sleeved shirts). The product will be easier to look up.
  • Long description - The long label should be structured using bullets and paragraphs. It is not possible to use colored headings, text or an asterisk in a text for a non-existent link and it is not possible to link to your site. A long label should be structured, a confusing block of text is unacceptable. Max. number of characters 13,000.
    It is possible to insert a picture or video into a long caption.
    The image can only be pasted into the caption by copying. You can copy more images into the caption, but we recommend up to a size of approximately 100 KB / image, otherwise there may be a situation that the long caption incl. images exceed 13,000 characters and the product will not be saved and displayed on our website.
    The video can be added to the long caption by inserting the URL of the link, then the video is automatically recognized and inserted into the gallery. We recommend placing the video at the end of the long caption.

In a long description, it is always necessary to clear the formatting by selecting the entire text and using the "clear formatting" button. This button removes custom styles and ensures that the text shows properly online.

Price and promotions

  • Sales price - price including VAT
  • Recommended retail price - RRP - set the RRP for all products. It is very important when launching marketing campaigns. Set the RRP at the same or higher price than the sales price. Higher RRP than sales price will appear crossed over on the website, showing the Sales price as promotional.
    The RRP should correspond to your real retail price and must therefore not create a misleading presumption of a discount for the customer.
  • VAT - it is necessary to fill in the correct VAT for the product according to the given country, regardless of whether or not you are VAT registered.


  • Here you can set a promotion, which will be displayed online on the product detail as a "Promotion" label. To use the promotional price, it is necessary to fill in the validity period. The beginning of validity can be set earliest the next day from setting (e.g. we set the promotion on 15th June, therefore the beginning of the promotion validity cannot be earlier than 16th June).


  • In this box it is possible to glue the product labelsuch as "New", "Tip" or "Sale". Each label must also be marked with the validity period as for the special price.
    In the process of possible further editing of the product, it is necessary to remove or update the expired label or special price. Otherwise, the changes to the product are not saved.

Labels and promotions are not compulsory.

Product images

  • In this section all images, including variety images, are uploaded to the product.
    The main image must be on white background without watermarks, other descriptions, brands or framings. It is advisable to use more than one image.
    Use the "asterisk" character to mark the main product image.
    Recommended resolution is 1280 x 1024 px, the maximum limit is 2000 px.
    Recommended and maximum size is 1.5 MB.
    Supported formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF.
    You can select the order of images shown online. Simply click on the image and drag to the chosen position.


  • Product ID - is your internal product ID. Combinations of a maximum of 50 characters, allowed characters are: _ - 0-9 az AZ (underscores, hyphens, numbers zero to nine, lowercase and uppercase letters without accents).
  • BRAND - Here you select the brand ID using the whisperer. If we do not yet have your brand based on the MALL website, send it to the team onboarding documents for establishment: name, short description + logo (JPEG, PNG, GIF). The brand will then be created for you and you will be sent the relevant Brand ID, which you will add to this field. The brand is important for matching products on Google Ads, Heurek and Zboží.cz
  • Category ID – here you will find the categories that are open for you. If you are not sure to which category a product belongs, use the category tree excel or the previous section "Categories". Here you can find our tree of all active categories. After finding the correct category, send the category ID or tag from the file to our onboarding team. If you cannot find a suitable category, please contact our onboarding team as well.
  • EAN – has a precisely defined structure of thirteen digits. It has an essential effect on the pairing of products on Google Ads and thus increases the visibility of your products to customers.
  • Priority –  use priorities for selected products. 0 - 100 -> products on sale, 101 - 195 -> common products in category. Currently, we are changing to an automatic product sorting system, using an algorithm that works on the principle of number of clicks, visit rate and merchantability of the given product. At the moment, the algorithm is not set for all categories, therefore we recommend using the priority system.

Shipment and packaging

  • In stock – the number of pieces in stock. In order to purchase a product, it is necessary to have a stock availability more than 0. If the product has In stock = 0, the product will appear inactive online and it won’t be possible to purchase it. The number of pieces should correspond to reality.
  • Availability - number of days (Delivery delay - in days) - represents real the time interval of delivery of the order to the end customer from the moment the order is created by the customer. The partner sets the value with an integer in working days.
    It is also possible to set it u transport. If you wish to edit / display the same delivery date in summary for all products, leave Availability for product 0 and set the delivery time only for shipments. For specific exceptions, you set the Availability for the appropriate number of days directly at the product. The delivery delay for a product / variant takes precedence over the delivery delay for transport.
  • Free delivery – after checking this box, free delivery is set for the product. If it is left blank, the conditions that are set for delivery apply.
    Currently, this feature is not fully accessible, please do not use it yet, we are working on its recovery.
    If you want to offer free delivery for certain products, you can use the FDEL label settings.

Package size

  • Package size smallbox / bigbox must be filled in. These values pair the product with carriers. It is therefore necessary to have the same values set in the delivery tab as well as for the product.

Approximate package dimensions

  • This section is used to determine dimensions of the package. These values are considered when offering type of carrier, depending on the size of goods. The dimensions of the package must correspond with weight levels that can be set in the delivery tab.


Each category has a certain set of parameters. Here you will find all parameters for the given category that can be filled in. Please select the values from the autocomplete that the portal offers you. Other values will be marked invalid.
In some categories, the sorting parameter can be already pre-filled (see the section "Categories" above). Do not delete this parameter, otherwise the system will evaluate it as an error.
If the customer uses filters to search for products, the ones missing parameters will be excluded from the search. To enhance sales, we recommend filling in as many parameters as possible.
If you need a new parameter or value, please contact our onboarding team.

Below you will find an example of how to create varieties for a product (e.g. colour – here you specify more colours and check the "Variant product" box at the end of the line). How to proceed with varieties is described further in this article in the section "Variants".

If the product does not have a variation, you can go to the Related Products section, see. below.


After filling in the variation parameters, a list of varieties, which you can further edit, will show in this section.

Using the downwards arrow symbol on the left side of the product, the variety data will roll down and can be filled in.

It is necessary to mark the main image of the given variety with "asterisk" symbol and at the same time mark other images of the variety using the "tick" symbol.

Related products

Recommended products allow you to offer other related products from your portfolio (e.g. to the main product bicycle, you can assign other products, such as a helmet, gloves and others).
In the "Search" bar, you will be offered a list of your products that can be chosen.
Recommended products cannot currently be used for variations, but only for the main product itself. This tab is optional.

The process of product creation is completed by pressing the “Save” button.

If any part is incorrectly filled, you will see a red error character. In the case of a successful saving, the product goes through processing and will be displayed online.

Additional features in the product list

Product editing 

The created product can be edited by clicking on the "eye" icon in the list of products.
The list of products also gives the opportunity to quickly edit the price and availability for given product or it´s variables.

Copying a product

A created product can be copied to create a new product, see further instructions here.

Product deletion 

The product can be removed by clicking on the "bin" icon. Within 10 minutes, the product won´t be on sale online anymore.

Product detail 

How the product looks online can be viewed by clicking on the "square" icon. To view the product, you need to be logged in to your Sandbox account, which can be found I your partner portal in the Partner – Sandbox account section.

Icons available in the product list

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