An integral part of the MALL implementation is the selection of correct categories where you can list your products. Find out how to do this below.

In this article you will find current exports of all product categories separately for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia, which can be downloaded below.

At the same time, all Category Trees are available through API. You can find them here.

If you are using manual input connection of products, this file is used as an informative overview of the MALL categories. You can find a similar overview when you create a product in the MALL Partner Portal in the tab Products - Categories.

If you are using Heureka XML feed connection type, this file serves as a basis for product management.

How to work with the file?

For an initial summary, we will list the names and meanings of the columns. Some columns may vary by country, but the structure and sequence is the same.

Column A - Shop ID - abbreviation of the country where the categories are based CZ, SK, HU, PL, SI

Columns B to J - Category Tree, Lvl1 - Lvl8 (cz, sk, hu, pl, si) - the gradual path of categories as it appears on the MALL/Mimovrste website

Example of a category path displayed on the site

Here you can take a look of the category path on

Columns K to S - Lvl1 - Lvl8 eng - machine translation of categories into English (open the file using the "+" sign in the top bar)

Column T - URL of the category on the MALL/ Mimovrste website

Column V - TYPE ID - it is a product (P) or filter (F) category.
To get to a filtering category, it is necessary to specify the Product type ID and sorting parameters with the value of the parent category and add the parameter with the given value from the row of the filtering category. The filter category can be used to sort, for example, individual types of in-ear and over-ear headphones.
Therefore, never filter only the filter categories in the export. You will not see the parent category information that you need to assign products to a filter category.

Column W - Category ID (SAP ID) - MALL ID of the selected category, for example: ND383 - Car battery charger. You will use these category codes to upload products.

Column X - Parameter - the technical name of the parameter, the so-called sorting (mandatory) parameters of products that must be specified for the product to be correctly classified into the subcategories.
It is also necessary to pay attention to the spaces before and after the parameter and value. Errors in parameters and values will cause the product to not be displayed on the MALL/ Mimovrste website.

  • Parameter ID: TYPE_OF_LIGHT → technical code of the sorting parameter

Column Y - Operator - according to the characters below, you will use the individual values in the parameters

  • = → specific value indicated (need to specify for products exactly as indicated in the file)
  • IN → one or more possible values (means "with at least 1 value", then allows to use one or more of the offered values)
    ATTENTION: Values are always separated by a comma on the website. It is necessary to select one or more of the values listed and list them individually for the parameter..
  • → value other than the displayed value ("must not be this value", use a value other than the displayed value)
  • >< → a range of two values (from - to) (for numeric parameters it means "a number in the range from to", for inclusion it is enough to specify a value in the given range)

    The system is case-sensitive and sensitive to diacritics and spaces before or after a value.

Column Z - Value 1 - technical name of the value of the so-called sorting parameter from column X

Column AA - Value 1 original language - the value of the sorting parameter, which is always given in the language of the country of sale

Column AB - Value 2 - indicates the second value of the sorting parameter if the operator (column Y) specifies a range of values

Column AC - Value 2 original language - the second value of the sorting parameter, which is always given in the language of the country of sale

Column AD - Fulltext query - displays the keywords required to assign a product to a given category
This column contains keywords that must be included either in the product name or in a short description of the product. Otherwise the product will not appear in the category.
If a column contains multiple values separated by a separator, it is sufficient that only one of these values appears in the labels. If an asterisk appears in the term, it is sufficient for the word in the label to contain only the portion before or after the asterisk shown.

If you can't find a suitable category, please contact your sales representative or contact us via FAQ.

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