Part of the implementation at MALL is the selection of relevant categories where it is possible to list your products. Learn how to do so below.

In this article you will find current exports of all product categories for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia, which can be downloaded below.

At the same time, all Category Trees are available through API, here.

How to work with the file?

Shop ID – countries where the categories are based CZ, SK, HU, PL, SI

Columns Lvl1 - Lvl7 - the category path as it appears on the MALL website

Example of a category path displayed on the web

Here you can look through the URL:

Category ID – Mall ID of the selected category e.g. ND383 – Car battery charger. You will use these category codes to upload products.

Parameter ID + Value – name of the parameter and value, the so-called sorting (mandatory) parameters of products. Must be stated in order for the product to classify correctly into subsections of the given category

  • Parameter ID: TYPE_OF_LIGHT → technical code of the sorting parameter
  • Value : brake lights → the value of the parameter is always stated in the given language version of the given country

Operator – according to the characters below, you will use individual values in the parameters

  • = → specific presented value
  • IN → one or more possible values
  • → other than the mentioned value
  • > <→ range of two values (from - to)

Please send the file with marked categories, added brands and number of products to

We will then open individual categories for you and you will be able to upload products.

If you do not find a suitable category for you, contact your sales representative or our Onboarding team, who help partners with the implementation.

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