In this article you can find information about checking your products in the testing stage using Sandbox account. A detailed description is found lower with examples of how products are shown online.

Sandbox account

Sandbox account is used to check your draft products. It is automatically generated for you and can be found in the Partner – Sandbox účtysection in the partner portal of Mall/Mimovrste.

The email and password cannot be changed. To see the password, click on the “eye” icon. Copy the given these details and click the log in button, which will redirect you to our website.

After being redirected to our website, log in with your Sandbox account.

After logging on return to your partner portal to the Products section. To see the detail of a product, click the “square” icon. The product will open in a new window.

What you will see with your Sandbox account

This feature will make it easier for you to check your products in draft status directly on our website. Product appearance reflects the real display of the product in the live state. Find out what a draft / live product means here.

What you will see as a logged in user:

  • Yellow products are in draft (unpublished online)
  • Blue products are live (published online)
  • Green products are live products of other partners

You can also watch our instructional video (only in Czech)

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