Smallbox and bigbox markers are used to differentiate product size, or more precisely the size of the wrapped parcel, which is being sent to the customer.

This marker is very important as it pairs the products with type of carrier.

Carriers can have different prices for different parcel size. Based on the agreed conditions with your carrier you will set the deliveries smallbox/bigbox as in partner portal.

With the exception of the outlets of Uloženka by WE|DO, there are no precise dimensions or weights to define which category a product falls into.

To distinguish whether it is a shipment of "smaller" or "larger" dimensions (smallbox/bigbox), package size is used. This package size must correspond to the added carriers.

Save by WE | DO - smallbox / bigbox

In order to use the dispensing points of the WE | DO Bill, the package must meet the size and weight limits set by the carrier.

  • Smallbox – sum of all three sides of parcel does not exceed 170 cm (longest side max. 100cm) and max. weight 20kg
  • Bigbox – parcel of larger parameters than smallbox

In terms of partner sales only smallbox parcels can be used for Ulozenka carrier.

Setting smallbox/bigbox

If you are using the API connection method, you will find the documentation at Deliveries.

When connecting via the Heureka XML feed, the Smallbox flag is set for products by default. If you have larger products (marked with the Bigbox flag), you can use the function Box control.

The following applies to other connections: for the correct behavior of the smallbox / bigbox product resolution, the relevant smallbox / bigbox transport must be set in the MALL Partner portal.

Carrier type - Smallbox
Carrier type - Bigbox


  • If the product has bigbox attached to it, but the partner did not set a bigbox delivery method, it will not be possible to buy the product online. The product will be accessible to customers after adding the bigbox delivery carrier.
  • If the partner does not set package size for products, they will be set as smallbox by default.

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