How to deactivate running products by individual connection

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In this article, you will find information on how you can deactivate running products by connection.


Options for deactivating a running product

  1. setting stock availability to 0
  2. setting the value inactive
  3. deletion of the product

The deactivated product is not displayed on the website and cannot be added to the basket. It is only traceable via MALL ID.
If there is zero stock availability, the website will display "No longer sold", when the value is set to inactive, "Currently unavailable„.

One option is to delete the product completely. Please use this option only in situations where the product permanently remove from your product portfolio. Otherwise, repeated deletion and uploading of products puts a significant burden on our system. We therefore recommend using options 1. and 2. to deactivate.

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Manual deactivation in the MALL Partner portal - only for manual connection

Products can only be manually deactivated by a partner with a Manual Input connection type. For other connection types, this option is not available, as automatic feed synchronization or API will immediately overwrite manual changes.

Instructions for manual connection can be found in here.

Set up zero stock availability can be quickly edited in the product overview or directly in the product detail and in the case of a variant product in the detail of each variant.

Settings values inactive can be done in the product list.

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Deactivate products for Heureka XML feed connection type

To connect Heureka XML feed it is not possible to use the method of setting the product as inactive as with other types of connections.
We recommend that you deactivate the products using the settings zero stock in the availability feed or complete delete product from product feed.

Another way to deactivate the product works only for Heureka XML feed and is enabled by the function product management. However, we prefer to use the above two methods.

This feature moves products between categories. To deactivate a product, just use the inactive category. We have prepared a CSV with the invalid category and you can download it here:


  • Download the CSV template for deactivating products and fill in the first column with your product IDs that you need to deactivate (attention: the category under the ID "SMAZAT_PRODUKT" must be listed for each product ID)
  • Follow the instructions for moving products to upload the file.

After uploading, a list of products to be moved (deactivated) will be displayed.

Since this setup is done manually, we strongly recommend the process switch to live to be carried out with full attention to avoid these situations.

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Product deactivation for MALL XML feed connection type

Deactivation for MALL XML feed connection is done in availability feed.

Example of setting stock availability 0:


Example of setting an inactive product:


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Deactivate products for API connection type

Product deactivation in this connection must be done via API.

It can be done:

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In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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