Availability feed

The settings of availability feed are the same as for the product feed, only the XML structure differs. A product that does not have an equivalent in the Availability Feed cannot be added to the cart on our website.

Here you can download a sample availability feed in .xml format.

XML Availability feed structure

AVAILABILITIESXML root element (occurs only once in the feed)
AVAILABILITYAvailability for particular product/variant
IDProduct/variant ID must be the same as the ID you provide in the product feed
IN_STOCKNumber of pieces in stock. If the number of pieces in stock is 0, please leave the product in the feed, it will be displayed as unavailable.
ACTIVEtrue / false, is used to deactivate a product that is in stock. The condition for displaying the product / variant on the website is also setting the ACTIVE element to true.

The example of XML Availability feed

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