Availability feed

The feed settings for product availability are the same as for the product feed, but the structure of the XML file is different.

Important rules

  • URL field for the availability feed must not contain the same reference as a product feed.
  • The availability feed is always separate and has its own mandatory structure.
  • All elements in the feed are mandatory.
  • The order of the elements is optional.
  • If you have variant products in your product feed, you should always send availability to the variant ID, never to ITEMGROUP_ID.
  • Deleting products from the availability feed is not a valid way to deactivate products.
    For more detailed information on how to deactivate the product, please refer to the article here.
  • A product that exists in the product feed, but for which there is no equivalent in the availability feed remains in the system with the last successfully loaded information.
  • The indication of availability for the variant and non-variant product is identical. 
  • The maximum number of pieces in stock is 9 999.
  • We recommend that you always indicate the real inventory. For goods produced to order, we recommend that you specify the maximum number of pieces you are able to order in one order as availability.
  • The availability number can only be given in integers, any other number will be evaluated as an error and the availability will not be played.

If you are ONBOARDING and your account has not yet been activated, the ACTIVE field must always contain the value "true".

Here you can download a sample availability feed in .xml format.

Description of availability feed elements

AVAILABILITIESXML root element (only occurs once in the feed).
AVAILABILITYElement indicating availability for each of the products and variants.
IDProduct ID/variants. Must be the same as the ID you specify in the product feed.
IN_STOCKNumber of items in stock, if the number of items in stock is 0 please keep the product in the feed, it will be displayed as unavailable. It must always be listed in full number.
ACTIVEIt takes on values true/false, used to deactivate a product that is in stock. For more detailed information on how to deactivate a product, please refer to the article here.
It is also a condition for displaying the product/variant on the website that the ACTIVE element is set to true.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via FAQ.

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