This article refers to copying products in the manual input connection type and gives more details to the Manual input – product creation process article.

Copying a product

The “copy” icon is found in the "Products" tab in section "Overview" in your partner portal.

After clicking the "Copy product" icon a new window will open, where you can choose which details you would like to copy.

The automatic window has the original product name with the word "COPY" at the beginning.

After copying the product the word COPY must be erased. Otherwise it will not be possible to switch the product into "live" status. It can be erased either directly in the automatic window or later by editing details of the new product.

These details can be copied:

  • Structure – copies product ID, brand, category, EAN and priority
  • Product description – copies short and long product description
  • Shipping and packaging – copies entire delivery section and packaging (warehouse, availability, free delivery, product size – smallbox/bigbox and package dimensions)
  • Parameters – copies all filled in parameters
  • Price and sale offer – copies entire price and promotion section (price with VAT, RRP, VAT, promotions and labels)
  • Related products – related products are copied

One or more options can be selected.

Another option is to copy the variant of a product. All variants can be copied or just selected ones.

Once you have chosen the data you want to copy, press the "Copy product" button on the bottom right corner of the window. The system will redirect you to product editing, where you will find all the selected copied data. You can continue editing the new product and at the end save it.

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