Before you start selling with us, one of the first things that is very important is to have the contacts and notification emails set up correctly.
These contacts are used for effective communication between us so that information gets to the right people in a timely manner.
You will learn how to do this in this article below.

You set all data in the partner portal in the section Partner.

You can only set up contacts and notification management admin, no one else has the rights unless the account holder specifies otherwise. You can also find the admin rights settings in the partner portal in the section Partner and tab Accounts.

How to set contacts?

The first time you log in to MALL Partner portal, you need to set up contacts.
In this tab it is necessary to fill in all contact details of your company - name, surname, telephone contact, e-mail and company addresses.
It is always necessary to assign the correct role to the individual contact persons, which determines the person to whom we will be able to turn, for example, when resolving a customer complaint.
MALL has several departments that will work with you, and in order to avoid possible future misunderstandings, it is necessary to assign the given role to a specific person in a timely manner.
With contact addresses you always determine the address type (main warehouse, correspondence, invoicing, etc.)

Please fill in all the roles and types of addresses that the MALL Partner portal offers you. For each role, it is necessary to fill in at least one contact. You can assign one role to multiple employees.

Call center - employee responsible for customer service and orders
Finance - employee responsible for invoicing and billing
Logistics - employee responsible for logistics processes
Manager - decision-maker (executive/CEO/manager)
Marketing - employee responsible for marketing activities and campaign management
RMA - employee responsible for complaints and returns
Sale - employee responsible for sales, product portfolio and pricing
Tech - employee responsible for technical implementation and support
User - portal administrator for products and orders

Address types:
Billing - address for sending billing documents
Main warehouse - address of the main warehouse where any complaints will be sent (in case of a change of the main warehouse, please also inform us at
Correspondence - contact address if different from the registered office of the company
Stock - you can add this field to us if you have more warehouses
Basic - headquarters

On the picture bellow you can see an example of a company with more employees and their contact details.

Not every company has more employees. If you are the only person in your company, all roles can be assigned to your name.

Creating a contact


In the Partner, tab Contacts click the button "Add contact".

Afterwards a new window will open, where you will fill out the necessary details, assign the roles (simply click on the given role and it will change colour) and select add.

Please pay special attention to adding the correct email address and phone number, including it´s country code.

Example of the window for creating a new contact

Contact addresses

In the Partner, tab Contacts click the button "Add address".

A new window will open, where all types of addresses must be added. After clicking on the type, the icon will change colour the same way as when you were adding a contact. Address will be saved by clicking the add button.

Example of the pop-up window for creating a new address

You can also watch our instructional video on setting up your contacts (only in Czech).

How to set notifications?

You can find the Notification messages again you will find in the section Partner.
As you can see from the picture, this service provides you with an information service related to, for example, the arrival of a new order, invoice or a new marketing campaign in which your products can be involved.

Only the admin can set/change the notifications.
The manager role is pre-set to receive all notifications. This can be changed or another email can be added.

Notifications can be edited by the “pencil” icon on the right side of each notification.

Several roles and emails can be set in the recipient list (max. 10).
You can choose roles for a specific notification from the whisperer.
In the e-mail field, you can enter the e-mail address of an employee who has no role in the partner portal, but you want to receive a notification.
After entering the e-mail address, press the button “+” and then the button "Set".
We recommend that you have all notifications set so that you do not miss useful information.

For setting notification for new marketing campaigns choose the Marketing role (or the Manager as well).
If you have the contact details set properly in the contact tab, it is not necessary the insert email addresses again.

You will receive emails from the MALL Partner portal based on the individually set notifications, see gallery below.

You can also watch our instructional video on managing notifications (only in Czech).

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