Status error - Incorrectly entered final status of the order

SLA - quality of services

Our common goal is to have a satisfied customer who buys at MALL/Mimovrste regularly. Therefore, it is important that the customer receives accurate information in a timely manner.

Status error is the ratio of all orders with incorrectly entered final status to all orders for the monitored period (eg. Order with DELIVERED status set as CANCELED).
For more information on how to resolve an incorrectly entered order status, see here.

Incorrectly entered status affect the customer experience due to poor customer information due to them receiving or not receiving the invoice for the order.

Therefore, there is a limit of a maximum of 0.5% of incorrectly entered order statuses for the monitored period out of the total number of orders of each partner.

What can affects a partner SLA Status error:

  • late setting of the DELIVERED status - because of this the customer does not receive an invoice and manual intervention by MALL is required
  • incorrect final status entered by the partner by mistake (RETURNED, CANCELED, DELIVERED) - increases the workload for MALL employees
  • unjustified request of the partner for MALL to change the order status (eg setting the status CANCELED from OPEN - the partners can it themselves on the portal)

What does not effect the SLA Status error:

  • technical error, error on the part of MALL (eg technical failure to overwrite the final status for the MALL Delivery service, incorrect status for WE | DO by Uloženka)
  • changes in the status of orders based on customer requests (eg in the event that the customer turns to our Call Center with a request to send an invoice within 24 hours of delivery or in case of immediate return of the goods at our branches)

Status error in the MALL Partner portal

You can find the Status error tab in the MALL Partner portal in the section Performance. You can monitor the current data in percentages for the given month and for the last 7 days. Here you will also see an overview of the previous months.
The status of your account is evaluated based on the previous month.

You also have the option to select the "Report" export a list of incorrectly entered order statuses for the month you selected in .xlsx format. An automatic window will open, where you can enter the month for which you want to export the orders and confirm with the button "Download„.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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