In this article, you will learn more about how service level agreement (SLA) works and affects customer experience.

Our common goal is to have a satisfied customer who buys at MALL regularly. Therefore, it is important that the customer receives what he ordered on time, in the expected quality and with quality service.
With an emphasis on this goal, we evaluate the process of order flow and the level of service provided - SLA.

Below you will find an overview of selected SLAs with the greatest impact on customer satisfaction. All partner SLAs are defined in the General Business Terms and Conditions (GBTC).

Cancel rate

Cancel rate is the ratio of all orders that were cancelled by partner (CANCELLED status) to all orders that passed the OPEN status in the given period. More information can be found here.

Failure to comply with the SLA impairs the customer experience, loyalty and reduces customer confidence in us as a reseller
If, for exceptional reasons, you have to cancel your order, do so as soon as possible.

Incorrectly entered final status of the order - Status error

Status error is the ratio of all orders with incorrectly entered final state (eg Order with DELIVERED status set to CANCELED) against all orders for the monitored period. See more information here.

Incorrectly entered statuses affect the customer experience due to poor customer information due to the receipt / non-receipt of the invoice for the order.

Adding tracking data to orders - Tracking rate

Tracking rate is the proportion of orders with additional tracking data (tracking number and tracking url) against all sent orders (in SHIPPED, DELIVERED and RETURNED status) for the monitored period.
See more information here.

Adding tracking data will lead to greater customer awareness.

Meeting the delivery date - On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery monitors the number of orders that were delivered on the specified delivery date in the given monitored period.
See the article for more information here.

Late delivery of the shipment significantly negatively affects the customer experience.

Confirmation of order preparation for shipment or order cancellation

This SLA sets the time until you need to change order status from the state OPEN to SHIPPING or CANCELED.
It is important to always have up-to-date stock so that only available goods are displayed in the cart. If you find that you do not have the goods in stock or are damaged, immediately change the status of the order in the MALL Partner portal to CANCELED.

This time is set to 1 business day from the moment the order enters the OPEN status.

The long time to accept the order has a big impact on the customer experience.
With a late change of status, customer enthusiasm decreases significantly and such a customer will not return to us.

Confirmation of delivery (or return) by the customer

The time when it is necessary to switch the order status from the SHIPPED to the final DELIVERED or RETURNED statuses.

This time is set to 1 business day from the moment the order is delivered or returned.

By completing the final status DELIVERED, the customer will receive an invoice from MALL and at that moment we will buy the products from the order from you.
When completing the final status RETURNED, you can update your stock availability for products.

We closely monitor these and other indicators and resolve any corrective action with partners. If the partner does not take the necessary steps to eliminate the problem, he runs the risk of temporary or permanent deactivation on the MALL Partner.

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