Our common goal is to have a satisfied customer who buys at MALL/Mimovrste regularly. Therefore, it is important that the customer receives accurate information in a timely manner.

Tracking rate is the proportion of orders with added tracking information (tracking number and tracking URL) against all sent orders (with SHIPPED, DELIVERED and RETURNED status) for the monitored period.
Orders placed through MALL Delivery are not included in the Tracking Rate.
For more information on how to set up tracking data, see here.

Adding tracking information will lead to greater customer awareness and lower contact rates for our Call Centre and consequently for you.
When entering both data, the customer has the opportunity to monitor the status of their order, including information about the movement of the order in transport.

To meet this SLA it is necessary to fill in additional tracking information (tracking number and tracking URL) for at least 90% of all orders.
The report is systematically cleared of invalid entries.

If you use the MALL Delivery, the tracking data is automatically added by the system on the MALL side after the SHIPPED status is entered. More information about this service can be found at here.

Tracking rate in the MALL Partner portal

You can find the Tracking rate tab in the MALL Partner portal in the section Performance. You can monitor the current data in percentages for the given month and for the last 7 days. Here you will also see an overview of the previous months.
The status of your account is evaluated based on the previous month.

You can also export a list of incorrectly entered tracking information for the selected month in .xlsx format using the "Report" button. An automatic window will open, where you can enter the month for which you want to export the orders and then confirm it with the "Download" button.

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