On-Time Delivery - Fulfillment of the delivery date

SLA - quality of services

Our common goal is to have a satisfied customer who shops at MALL/Mimovrste regularly. The on-time delivery of the goods to the customer has a great influence on the customer experience, so we monitor the On-Time Delivery closely. On-Time Delivery tracks the number of orders that have been delivered by the delivery date in a given tracking period.Therefore, it is important to have the correct Delivery delay settings (e.g.....

On-Time Delivery monitors the number of orders that were delivered on the specified delivery date in the given monitored period.
Therefore, it is important to have the Delivery delay (the delivery delay setting for products takes precedence over the general delivery settings) and Close time (represents the closing time of the expedition) set up correctly. Read about the correct settings here.

By setting the correct Delivery Delay, the customer will receive the shipment within the expected timeframe and we will increase the quality of customer service. Late delivery has a significant negative impact on the customer experience.

To meet this SLA, it is necessary to deliver a minimum of 90% orders on the specified delivery date from all orders.

In the event of a violation of a given SLA, it is necessary to first check the processes of sending orders from your warehouse. If you do not find any delays on your part, it is necessary to check with your delivery carrier.
If you find that your carrier does not meet the delivery deadlines, we recommend you extend the Delivery delay.

If you use the Uloženka by WE | DO for delivery points (PUP) as a carrier, it is necessary to find out the Close time of your delivery point (time of collection of consignments to DEPO) for timely delivery of the order to the end customer. If the order is delivered before the branch's Close time, the order will be delivered the next day.

For example, what affects On-Time Delivery partner SLAs:

  • late setting of SHIPPED and DELIVERED status (the time for changing the status of SHIPPED to DELIVERED is max. 24 hours after the change of status at the carrier) - the customer does not have information about the status of the shipment and MALL evaluates the order as not meeting the deadline for dispatch and delivery of goods
  • late delivery of the order to the carrier - SHIPPED status must match the actual handover of orders to the carrier (with regard to the setting of the Close time of delivery points)
  • incorrecty set Delivery delay - the set time for delivery does not correspond to the actual condition (for example: late removal of goods, the carrier does not deliver within D + 1)

What does not affect partners On-Time Delivery SLA:

  • timely delivery to the delivery point - the date of delivery equals the date when the order is ready for collection (the SLA does not include the number of days when the order is waiting to be picked up by the customer)
  • time of payment by bank transfer - the scheduled delivery date is shifted according to the date of payment crediting (the number of days from the order to payment crediting is not counted in the SLA)

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