Heureka XML feed - matching categories, parameters and values and creating variant products

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In this article, you will learn how to properly pair categories, parameters and values of your products within a Heureka feed connection.

IMPORTANT: Any pairing of parameters and values that you perform according to the following instructions has a direct effect on the appearance and classification of products on the MALL website, so please be as careful as possible when selecting categories and parameters. Incorrect classification of products may result in the withdrawal of the product from our website at the last stage.

Pairing categories

You can find the category pairing status in the MALL Partner Portal under the tab Heureka feed -> Feed statusin the right part of the "Categories"..

Here you will see the full number of categories in the Heureka feed. The number of categories that have been paired automatically and also the number of categories that are unpaired and need editing. For more detailed information about the unpaired categories, click on the button "View.".

Pairing categories within a Heureka feed connection has two possible paths.


The first is to use the current categories according to the Heureka tree. Current data on all open available categories can be found for heureka.cz here and for heureka.sk here.

To categorize a product, fill in the element CATEGORYTEXT in your feed. It is necessary to maintain the complete path to the final subcategory.

Example of a correct CATEGORYTEXT

In this case, all correctly listed categories are automatically mapped to their equivalent in the Mall.cz/Mall.sk tree, if such a category is present in the tree.

You need to be careful when Heureka changes its category tree. In such a situation, it may happen that a given CATEGORYTEXT will become invalid and the element will need to be updated according to the new version of the Heureka tree.
In this case, the category will be unpaired and the products will be withdrawn from the site. You can find the category in the unpaired categories described in the section "Pairing categories".

Manual category matching

The second option is manual category matching, which you can do directly in the partner portal under the Heureka feed -> Pairing categories.

Here you will find your Heureka category tree as you post them in your feed. You can expand the complete tree or just the unpaired categories.

The final categories can then be paired using the category picker, which always tries to select the most appropriate category from the available tree based on the category you specify.
You can confirm the automatic selection button with a pipe or switch to another suitable category, which can be selected from the whisperer. If you then want to change the value, just use the a basket icon.

IMPORTANT: Categories are always matched to the categories of the Heureka.cz/Heureka.sk tree and the values in the search engine correspond to this. Look for the most suitable product classification on Heureka, not on Mall.cz/Mall.sk.

If Heureka changes the category in its tree even in this type of matching, the category becomes invalid and a re-pairing is needed.

If you find that a product is not correctly placed according to the automatic product classification, you can use manual moving of products, instructions can be found here. You may also be asked for this type of reassignment by us.

There can be only one Admin within the access accounts to your portal.

Pairing parameters

For correct functioning and display of products it is necessary to match the values to the parameters see section Pairing values.

The section for matching parameters and values can also be found in the Heureka feed -> Pairing parameters and values.

Here in the list you will find all the categories contained in your feed. By clicking on a specific category, you will be presented with MALL parameters in the list in the right column, to which you can pair your parameters.

By clicking on the parameter, the whisperer will automatically offer you your most convenient parameter from the feed. In case you do not agree with the automatic selection, you can select another parameter that is included in the feed for that category. To approve your selection, use buttons with pipe. The paired parameter is confirmed by a green check mark on the top right, see picture below. When pairing, please make sure the parameters match.

Variat products

If you have variant products in the feed marked with ITEMGROUP_ID element and you send variant parameters for individual items in the feed, you can also create these variants in our interface. ITEMGROUP_ID must not be the same as ITEM_ID.
Subsequently, these products will be displayed as variants, i.e. one product card with the option to choose e.g. size or colour.

To create a variant product you need to check the icon when pairing the parameter "Variant product". You confirm to the system that you want to create variant products based on the selected parameter.

If you add new variants during your MALL operation, you need to pair the additional values afterwards.

ATTENTION: It is possible to mark one category maximum 2 variant parameters.

Pairing values

The same procedure as for parameter matching must be followed when matching values.
After you select the appropriate parameter, you will see your values that you are sending in the feed for that parameter. The whisperer will automatically offer you the best value. You can either confirm the offered values or manually pair them to your desired value.

IMPORTANT: Values of purely numerical parameters (e.g. volume, power) do not need to be paired, they are automatically overwritten.
For example, the parameter Dimension = 120×200 cm or the parameter Weight in the range of 50g - 100g is not accepted by the system as a numeric value, only the first number is always written, so we recommend not to use a range of values in the parameters.

More information can be found in the attached video below.

Missing category, parameter or value

In case you do not find a suitable category, parameter or value in our system, please contact us for consultation Help Centre, or directly to the Onboarding Specialist who will work with you on your connection.

Connecting with Heureka XML feed is similar to the boxed solution. Many processes work automatically and therefore this type of connection may not be suitable for you. In this case you can use another form of implementation, see more here.

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