The following article is intended for partners who implement an XML feed using the Heureka and need to flag their products with a bigbox. Here we briefly explain the basic terms and describe in detail the procedure for using the function.

How do package sizes work in the Heureka XML feed?

In our environment we distinguish 2 types of packages: smallbox and bigbox. This symptom plays an important role in traffic settings. You can find more detailed information in a separate article about smallbox / bigbox here.

The size of the package is not taken into account in the Heureka XML feed, so the products are automatically referred to as smallboxes. This means that the partner can only set up a smallbox transport to make the pairing work correctly.

In case you would also like to set up a bigbox transport, it is necessary to mark the given products as a bigbox using the function in the partner portal.

Instructions for assigning the bigbox flag

You can find the function for marking the bigbox directly in the MALL Partner portal in the Heureka feed section, in the tab "Box control". To mark it, it is necessary to create a CSV (type UTF-8) file in a precisely defined format, which you will find here.

The CSV (UTF-8 type) file must contain your product ID that you send in the feed and the type of box, in this case the bigbox. You can find a sample CSV file below the image, which shows an example of a correctly filled out document.

Then use the blue plus icon to insert the file into the portal, its name will also be displayed. To upload a file, just click on the green "Upload" button.

The system also notifies the correct upload with the message "The file was successfully uploaded". Subsequently, the products marked in this way appear at the bottom of the list, in which you can further filter and delete the flags.

You can also watch our instructional video (only in Czech)

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