In the Orders section, you can find available information on orders made by customers on MALL. Below you can learn more about how to work with this section.

After logging in to your MALL Partner portal, the first page you can see is an overview of all your orders.

For better orientation, you can choose to display orders only in a certain status or orders for which the status has not been changed for more than 7 days. Here you also change individual order statuses (in the case of MALL Delivery to SHIPPED state only).

Using filter, you can view the orders according to your chosen criteria:

For each order, you can view some information, such as Customer, To be paid, Delivery type, … You can choose what information you wish to have displayed and which to hide – as shown below. The Action column is the only one that cannot be hidden.

If you use the MALL Delivery service, we recommend that you also have the columns set - Number of packages, Mall Delivery and Ready to pick up.

In a column Action are icons for displaying the order detail (eye symbol), where there is information about the customer, delivery address, information about the ordered product, the amount for shipping and cash on delivery and the amount of the discount.
In the case of MALL Delivery, you can print a label or i in the product detail change branch.

Another icon is the edit icon (pencil symbol), which is displayed for orders in the SHIPPED state. Use this icon to change tracking information (does not apply to orders within MALL Delivery).
The last icon in the action column is the icon for downloading the delivery note (paper sheet symbol). You can add a delivery note to the customer to your order, but this is not necessary. You will see the same order information even if you click on the order number.

The Orders page also serves for accounting purposes. In case of Self-billing, the above-mentioned filter can be used to display invoices and each order will have an invoice number shown next to it. If you use the manual billing, Export for Billing can be downloaded from here.

Warning: Do not mistake it for Export Data to CSV. See the article on Manual billing, offset of receivables and payables for further information.

If you use the services of Uloženky by WE | DO, you can download Export Data to Savings by WE | DO. Detailed information here.

If you use the service MALL Delivery, on the page Orders you always print labels + you have the option to print labels in the detail of the order.

How to process an order from start to finish and what to look out for can be found in the article here.

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