After the successful launch of your products, you are only waiting for your first order to appear in the MALL Partner portal. You can find out how to process an order from start to finish, how to set up the portal correctly and what to look out for in the article below.

To correctly process your orders, it is necessary to pay attention to the MALL Partner portal settings, especially to notification settings thanks to which you receive notifications about new orders. This is also related to checking your email to make sure that our emails do not end up in spam. Those notifications come from the email address.

Orders can be processed manually in the MALL Partner portal in the Orders section regardless of the connection you are using or via API connection.

It is necessary to change order statuses correctly and in timely manner. Each status is associated with specific action connected to order processing.
More information about order statuses and what they mean can be found in an article here.

Orders processing via API

All available data regarding orders can be found in our API documentation here.
The documentation contains a list of all orders, a list of basic data about all orders, lists of all orders according to different statuses, order details, order updates, generation of labels for MALL Delivery, and more.
For security reasons (to prevent partner from sending unprepared orders) orders in "Blocked" status are excluded from certain lists and therefore must be called separately.

Changes in orders can also be monitored using the webhook tool.

Another useful step is to set up a table display filter in the section Orders directly in the overview of all orders, which you will find in the MALL Partner portal. Here you filter the data that will help you process the received order correctly. See the article for more information here.

When changing the status of the order from the status OPEN to SHIPPING, it is necessary to confirm the order Confirmed = True see API documentation.

For API connection, it is also important after delivery of the shipment to the customer and change of order status to DELIVERED enter the delivery date Delivered_at necessary for subsequent mutual settlement.

Manual processing of orders in the MALL Partner portal

After receiving the notification email about the new order, the process of processing the order for timely sending to the customer begins.

We recommend on a daily basis check section Orders in the partner portal, in case there is no e-mail notification about a new order.

Information for switching individual states

You always start working with an order that has status OPEN.

In condition OPEN you can use the button Export selected for warehouse and Export selected for CSV. The buttons will appear after marking specific orders.
The export for the warehouse contains a list of orders that are waiting to be processed and the products need to be traced in the warehouse and packaged. Each order has a picture of the product and the possibility of confirming the packaging.

Exports selected for CSV can also be used, for example, for control during inventories.

Set the status when checking stock availability and proper product packaging SHIPPING.

We recommend adding a delivery note to the shipment, which you can simply print out directly in the partner portal for a specific order under the icon "document“Or in the order detail under the button Delivery note.

If there is a situation on your part where it is necessary to cancel the order, the status is possible CANCELED set only in the OPEN or SHIPPING state.

When switching the status from SHIPPING to SHIPPED it is necessary to enter the tracking data (tracking number and tracking URL), which you obtain from the contracted carrier and at the same time after printing the label you hand over the consignment to the carrier.
How to set tracking data in the order can be found in the article here.

If you have the service activated MALL Delivery, you will receive a label for the shipment directly in the order detail.
See the article for instructions on how to print a label Labels of carriers at the MALL Delivery service.
After printing and handing over the shipment to the carrier, you set the final status SHIPPED and the system automatically completes the tracking data to the order.
See the article for more information MALL Delivery and order statuses.

You set the status based on the shipment status information from the carrier DELIVERED in case of delivery of the consignment including the date of delivery to the customer (delivered_at) or RETURNED in case of returning the shipment.
When entering the status DELIVERED, the invoice is automatically sent by the MALL to the customer.

The DELIVERED and RETURNED states are final states that cannot be changed retroactively.

It is possible to use the button for mass setting of statuses in the partner portal Import states, an automatic window will open offering you the formats CSV or XML for the transfer of information to orders.

Example of CSV structure:

order_id; status; delivered_at; tracking_number; tracking_url; first_delivery_attempt
56465454; delivered; 2018-02-27; as123;; 2018-01-27
56465454; shipping; ; ;
9254907201; shipping
9254907201; shipped
9255205401; shipped
9254907201; returned
9255236601; delivered; 2018-02-27
9255243601; cancelled

Example of XML structure:


Order processing via connection of MALL XML Feed and Heureka XML Feed

For partners connected via MALL XML Feed or Heureka XML Feed, we provide a so-called order feed, in which all information about all open orders is in the state OPEN.
After changing the order status from OPEN to SHIPPING or CANCELED, this order will drop out of the order feed during the next update.

You can find the order feed in the MALL Partner portal in the section Feedy (for connecting MALL XML Feed) or in section Heureka Feed (for connecting Heureka XML Feed).

Through the connection of the MALL XML Feed and the Heureka XML Feed, you can process orders using the API, manually or by importing statuses, as described in the article above.

If you use a form of connection other than MALL XML feed and Heureka XML feed, you can create a link to the order feed by adding client_idwhich can be found in the section Partner for the following URL:

General information:

By setting the status DELIVERED with the added delivery date (delivered_at), the order becomes part of the invoice for a certain period (according to your frequency setting) and mutual settlement between you and MALL.
We would like to inform you that without the completed delivery date, the order will not be part of the bill. Billing in progress manually or form self-billing (automatic billing).

Payment type and Remaining to pay

It may happen that the customer chooses a certain type of payment (for example, Online payment) and after sending the order, he will change his mind and change the payment by cash on delivery.
Therefore, please do not take the payment type column into account, the information in it is only indicative.
To work with orders, always use the information in the "Remaining to pay" field, which determines whether the order is cash on delivery or not.
Once the order is switched to OPEN, this information is no longer changed. In the "Remaining to be paid", the complete amount of the cash on delivery, including shipping costs, is always calculated.

The customer chooses an online payment, does not complete the payment at the payment gateway and finally chooses cash on delivery. These changes take place while the order is still in the BLOCKED state. In the partner portal, after the order is automatically switched to OPEN status, you will see that the Payment type column shows the online payment and the Remaining payment column shows the required amount. The order must be sent cash on delivery, if you can send the order without cash on delivery, you must contact the team Operations and those, together with the call center, request payment from the customer.

We recommend hide the Payment Type field and show It remains to pay.
You can find more about the settings of the Orders section in the article here.

Cancellation of cash on delivery

The basic payment methods offered to the customer include the cash on delivery option. If you are not comfortable with this option and would like to offer your products only with online payment or bank transfer, you can cancel the cash on delivery payment.
Please note that the removal of the cash on delivery option may result in a reduction in the number of orders. There are still a large number of customers who prefer to pay on receipt of their order.
In this case, write to Operations team an email with the store ID and the reason why the cash on delivery should be cancelled.


One of the information in the order is also "Total discount“. Any discount coupon used by the customer is copied here. If you send the order by cash on delivery, the total amount is reduced by this amount.
All discounts used by customers that you see here are reimbursed to you as part of invoicing in the same way as if the customer had paid the amount to the MALL account.

Bad states

If you enter an incorrect order status, you need to correct it. Instructions can be found in the article Incorrect order status.

Missing states

In the section Orders there is also a bookmark Missing states, which lists orders for which the status has not been changed for more than 7 days.
In the event that any of the orders are not processed in time, the portal will notify you with a red triangle icon directly next to the Missing statuses tab. It is necessary to process such an order or inform the Operations team if it is not possible to send the order (for example, breaking the last piece, waiting for storage,).

Our common goal is to have a satisfied customer who buys at MALL / MIMOVRSTE regularly. Therefore, it is important that the customer receives what he ordered in time.
With an emphasis on this goal, we evaluate the process of order flow and level of services provided (hereinafter referred to as the "SLA"). The SLA also checks the number of canceled orders - Cancel ratewhich we try to minimize.

Exceptional situations may also occur during processing

Closing of the dispensing point
If the dispensing point closes and you have an order for the branch, follow the instructions here.

Bad zip code, incomplete address
If a red message box pops up when processing an order in the partner portal Invalid ZIP code, so this is a badly written postal code by the customer. Send an email to the team for repair Operations with order number and error message print screen.

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