Order feed

Order Feed contains information about all "open" orders (in the status OPEN).

We provide the order feed to partners as an option to obtain data about their orders. However, it is independent to the way products are uploaded, therefore it can also be applied to other input types as well. Even using XML feed input, it is not necessary to have orders implemented in this way.

You can find a link to the order feed in the partner portal under Feeds section. Once the status of an order is changed from OPEN to another status, that order will drop out of the feed the next time you update.

If you use a different input type than XML and Heureka feed, you can create a link to the order feed by adding client_id, which can be found in the Partner section, in the following URL:


Order feed structure

IDour order ID
PURCHASE_IDour internal purchase ID
EXTERNAL_ORDER_IDexternal order ID, if available (partner's internal order ID)
CURRENCYCurrency code according to ISO
DELIVERY_PRICEdelivery price
COD_PRICEcash on delivery price
DISCOUNTorder discount (if available), means only the discount applied by the customer during the transaction, does not reduce the price of goods on the partners side
PAYMENT_TYPEPayment type – this information is not important for partners, it is only our internal specification. COD is important for partners.
DELIVERY_METHODexternal delivery ID (defined by the partner)
DELIVERY_METHOD_IDinternal delivery ID (In case of Uloženka - Pick-up point ID)
TRACKING_NUMBERdelivery tracking number
SHIP_DATEThe date when the order is to be delivered to the customer. It is calculated by the sum of the current date, delivery delay and close time
CODTotal cash on delivery amount - always includes the total amount to be collected from end customer, including the delivery cost and cash on delivery
ADDRESS.CUSTOMER_IDcustomer ID - internal
ADDRESS.NAMEfull customer name
ADDRESS.COMPANYcompany name (optional)
ADDRESS.PHONEtelephone number
ADDRESS.EMAILcustomer email
ADDRESS.STREETstreet and house number
ADDRESS.ZIPpostal code
CONFIRMEDtrue - if the order was accepted by partner
STATUSOrder status (in this feed, orders are only in the status open)
ITEMS.IDproduct/variant ID
ITEMS.ARTICLE_IDour product/variant ID
ITEMS.TITLEproduct title
ITEMS.QUANTITYnumber of pieces
ITEMS.PRICEprice (incl. VAT)
ITEMS.VATVAT in percentage
ITEMS.COMMISSIONcommission value

The example of order feed

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