This article supplements our MALL XML feed documentation and introduces more information on how to add XML feeds to the portal, their uploading, setting their intervals and how to work with error messages.

This article mentions only MALL XML feed connection, instructions for Heureka XML feed can be found here.

Inserting MALL XML feeds to the portal

It is necessary to have MALL XML feeds divided to:

Both feeds have to be always available online and unblocked from the partner’s side in order for them to be processed correctly. Feeds are inserted to the portal using URL address which is inserted in the „Feeds“ section. Click on the red button „Save“ and the URL addresses will be saved to the portal.

Setting the intervals of MALL XML feeds

After saving the URLs, it is also possible to set the upload interval, which guarantees that the feed is repeatedly included for processing in the selected interval. Subsequently, the data will be updated without any manual intervention on your part.

In the testing phase of the implementation, we recommend that you do not set any interval so that you can upload the feed at any time after editing. Just select the value „Disabled“ and click on „Save“.

However, it is important that you set the intervals before entering the production phase. For the product feed, it is possible to set 6 h, 12 h or 24 h intervals.
The availability feed has shorter intervals, either 30 min or 60 min. Once you choose the selected interval, confirm your choice by clicking on the red „Save“ button.

Manual upload of the MALL XML feeds

After successfully saving the feeds, it is necessary to upload them for the first time. As was already mentioned in the subchapter above, we recommend leaving the value setting for the intervals „Disabled“ in the testing phase. With this setting, the feed can only be uploaded manually. To do so immediately, press the blue icon „Submit for processing“ („Enqueue for process“).

Processing history and error messages

Information about the processing history and uploading of the feeds can be found after pressing the „LOG„ icon.

You will then see the processing history, where you can see the time of processing, number of updated products, number of processed products and number of errors.

For more detailed information about errors, click on the eye icon, where you will find specific error messages. Then always make sure that your feed is compiled correctly according to our documentation for MALL XML feeds.
For more detailed information on specific error messages, see The most common MALL XML feed error messages.

The processing status is also shown here and can have 2 values:

  • Running – marked in yellow, it means that processing is currently in progress. The feed can remain in this status for a maximum of 12 hours. If the processing is not completed by then, the feed will automatically stop and can be reloaded.
  • Complete – marked in green, processing has been completed.

Schemes of the MALL XML feeds structure for downloading

On the main page, there is also an option to download the product and availability feed scheme using the „XSD“ icon.

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