This article supplements our MALL XML feed documentation and introduces more information on how to add XML feeds to the portal, their uploading, setting their intervals and how to work with error messages.


Important general rules

  • Feeds must still be online accessible and unblocked by the partner.
  • Feeds must be generated to online accessible URLs in XML format and only in UTF-8 encoding. We do not tolerate FTP or FTPS. Feeds are downloaded from the IP address range 
  • For this connection onlyMALL XML feeds created according to the defined structure work.
    Other types of feeds do not work, the system does not load them.
  • Feed testing takes place directly in the MALL Partner Portal. After the URL links are created, they must be inserted into the portal in theFeeds. The whole section is described in detail below. 
    We also recommend that you always enable regular play at intervals.
  • Heureka feeds do not work for this connection.MALL XML feed andHeureka feedare completely different types of feeds and are treated as 2 different types of connections. It is also not possible to combine feed types. Check if you have set the correct connection type inMALL Partner portal. If you have the wrong type of connection set up, email your Onboarding Specialist. 

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Inserting MALL XML feeds to the portal

It is necessary to have MALL XML feeds divided to:

Feeds are added to us using the URL address that you insert into the portal directly in the "Feeds", tab "Feed Settings". Enter the URL in the appropriate field and then confirm the entry by clicking "Save changes". The URLs are then saved.

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First loading of MALL XML feeds

The "Save Changes" button does not save the feed for processing. It only saves the URL. To process the feed, you must use the "Assign for processing" button. A confirmation message "Assigned for processing" will then appear.

Manual feed processing can always be performed regardless of the set intervals. If the playout is already running and the feed is put back into processing, the error message "Processing is already in progress" will appear.

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Setting the intervals of MALL XML feeds

After saving, it is recommended to set a retrieval interval to ensure that the feed is repeatedly queued for processing at the selected interval. The data will then be updated without any manual intervention on your part. 

It is essential to have the intervals set before starting production.

Vproduct feedit is possible to set6 h, 12 h or 24 h
Vavailable feedthe intervals are shorter, namely15 minutes, 30 min or 60 min.

To perform the action, select the selected interval and confirm the selection again with the "Save changes“. 

The feed can be processed manually regardless of the interval settings. The action is performed by clicking the "Assign for processing" button. If the playback is already running and the feed is put back into processing, the error message "Processing is already in progress" will appear.

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Tab "Statistics" - processing history, error messages

In the "Statistics" you will find information about statistics, feed retrieval history and error messages.

The first part statistically expresses the history of retrieved feeds and is informational only.

In the second part you will find the complete history of feeds retrieval including the date of retrieval, number of processed and modified products, number of errors, feed type (availability and product) and processing success status, which takes values "Successful" or "Error“.

In the history, the last feed retrieval is displayed only after the processing is complete. You will not find information about the processing in progress here.

If the processing status is "Successful" and there are only 0 values in the line, the feed was loaded without errors and OK.

If the load was unsuccessful and the feed is in error, you need to edit the feed according to the error messages that can be found by clicking on the eye icon.

You will then see a list of error messages, where you can find your product ID where the error is and a more detailed description of the message.

Always make sure that your feed is built correctly according to our documentation forMALL XML feeds
For more detailed information on specific error messages, seeThe most common MALL XML feed error messages.

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