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Heureka XML Feed, Products - Setup and Management

This article provides an overview of the required elements of the Heureka XML product and availability feed. These elements are key to properly connecting and launching your products.

Product Heureka XML feed

SHOPRoot element, is contained in the file only once.
SHOP_ITEM Element contains the complete structure of the product, is included in the file as many times as the partner has products or variants. E.g. in case that partner sells t-shirt in five sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and ten colors (white, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, green, brown, beige, gray and black) it is necessary to enter 50x SHOPITEM into XML.
ITEM_ID Unique product designation within the e-shop, based on which a MALL ID is generated. The ID must remain unique because it serves to uniquely identify the product. For example, for proper availability pairing in the Heureka Availability XML feed. Must not be the same as ITEMGROUP_ID.
Combinations of a maximum of 50 characters, allowed characters are: _ – 0-9 a-z A-Z (underscores, hyphens, numbers zero to nine, lowercase and uppercase letters without accents).
PRODUCTNAME Exact product name. The length is validated by our system max. 200 characters. No special characters are allowed.
PRODUCTThis element is optional.
If you send it in the feed, then pairs on a short product description (in MALL max. 300 characters). It does not match if the element is the same as PRODUCTNAME. In this case, a short description of the product is added from the DESCRIPTION element.
DESCRIPTION Product description should contain the most relevant product information that is taken into account in a full-text search. It is not possible to include: advertisements, promotions or promotions of your e-shop. 
The number of characters in the DESCRIPTION element is validated by our system to 13 000 characters.
These are the basic HTML tags that can be used in a long description: <a>, <b>, <br>, <div>, <dl>, <dt>, <em>, <hr>, <i>, <img>, <li>, <ol>, <p>, <strong>, <sub>, <sup>, <table>, <tbody>, <td>, <tfoot>, <th>, <thead>, <tr>, <u>, <ul>. There's no need to use custom styles in the tags, without them the text will adapt best to our pages. If you have any tables in the description, you still need to add <table class="“tbl“">to make the table responsive.
URL links to videos and images can be embedded in the long description and will be displayed in the product details on the website.
IMGURL Link to the main / primary image of the product. The size of the images is validated by our system – max 2000px x 2000px, min. 100 KB and max. 2 MB..
Image URL must not contain spaces or accents.
If you change the image, you must also change the URL of the image, the URL must not be the same.
IMGURL_ALTERNATIVEThis element is not mandatory, but if you send it in the feed, we draw additional images for the product. The maximum number of images is 20.
If you change the image, you must also change the URL of the image, the URL must not be the same. It is not possible to insert a duplicate image (neither URL nor content).
PRICE_VAT Final price of the product with VAT. The price must not include commission.
The price must be quoted without spaces, as shown in the figure below.
VATOptional element from which we draw the VAT rate. If this element is not in the feed, then VAT can be set manually for all products in the portal in Feed status.
However, you must have the correct VAT on the product according to your country, regardless of whether or not you are a VAT payer.
MANUFACTURERContains the manufacturer (brand) of the product, based on which we pair brands on MALL. More detailed instructions on brands can be found here.
CATEGORYTEXTThere is product classification. We recommend using the Heureka category tree, so pairing will take place automatically. Heureka tree can be found here: Otherwise, the categories can be paired manually in the partner portal, you can find more here.
EANOptional element in the Heureka XML feed that is matched to the EAN of the product. The system only accepts 13 numeric characters. EANs are mandatory for us and it is necessary to send them to the products.
If your EAN has 14 numeric characters, enter it as 13 digits without the 0 at the beginning. If you have a shorter 8-digit EAN, add as many 0's to the beginning as needed to fill the 13 characters.
More information about EAN codes can be found here:
PARAMAn optional element that can then be paired to our parameters in the portal.
For correct display of numeric parameter values, it is necessary to fill in the values with a comma, not with a period (e.g. 0.5).
In the case of creating a variety product, this element is mandatory.
You will find more detailed instructions here.
DELIVERY_DATEAn optional element that matches ours Delivery Delay (delivery time) at product level. In this case, the Delivery delay setting in transport will not be taken into account and the system will give priority to product-level settings. For correct pairing, it is necessary to state integers with a maximum of two digits.
ITEMGROUP_IDMandatory element necessary for variants, on the basis of which our system recognizes a variant product. Must not be the same as ITEM_ID.
Combinations of a maximum of 36 characters, allowed characters are: _ – 0-9 a-z A-Z (underscores, hyphens, numbers zero to nine, lowercase and uppercase letters without accents).

Availability Heureka XML feed

item_listRoot element, is contained in the file only once.
itemContains information about the availability of a specific product, is included in the file as many times as the partner has available products or variants.
item idIdentifies a specific product. The value must match the value of the element product from the Heureka XML feed product. So your product and availability feed IDs must be the same.
stock_quantityNumber of pieces ready for immediate dispatch.
The allowed value is an integer.

If you make changes to your e-shop (eshop XYZ vs. Heureka), it will take effect in about 2 hours (regular updates). Subsequently, the changes will appear in the URL of the link with the structure of the feed, which you have inserted in our partner portal.

How to validate a Heureka XML feed?

A suitable validator for the Heureka XML feed is provided by Mergado. This validator does not take into account the specific requirements that need to be met for a successful connection to MALL, this is only a general validation of the Heureka feed.

You can find the validator here:

You can also validate the availability feed directly by following Heureka's instructions here:

There can be only one Admin within the access accounts to your portal.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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