EAN (GTIN) is used worldwide to identify goods when buying food, clothing, books and more. It is a unique barcode that hides a specific product and generally provides information about the product and the seller.

Why is it good to have an EAN (GTIN)?

If the product has its own EAN, it is possible to use a comparison service, which is now widely used by customers. This allows customers to compare a given product from several sellers and, for example, decide to buy from you based on the price.
You are probably familiar with the comparison engine on Heureka and on our website this service is also available under the name Multipricing. The customer can choose to buy based on price, delivery time, etc.

How do I get an EAN (GTIN)? 

If your products no longer have an EAN or you are unable to obtain one from your supplier, you can obtain EAN codes directly from the GS1 system through their website. Registration is required and depending on the number of products you require the EAN for, an entry fee has to be paid. There is also an annual fee required according to your annual turnover. The GS1 price list can be found here. After registration and payment of fees, codes are delivered within 2-3 days. 

Technical details about adding EAN to your products

EAN (GTIN) can only be added to products in our system in the form of 13 numeric characters.
If your EAN has 14 numeric characters, enter it as 13 digits without the 0 at the beginning. If you have a shorter 8-digit EAN, add as many 0's at the beginning as needed to fill 13 characters.

More detailed information about EANs for individual connections can be found here:

For technical questions, please contact our Help Center, Technical Help section. For business inquiries, please contact your sales representative.

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