As our MALL Partner program grows, we begin to deal with identical products from different vendors. The Multipricing project, which we recently launched, solves this problem for us. How to work with multipricing and how to join it can be found below.

How does Multipricing work on product listing?

On the list of products on our MALL website, you can see combined offers from different sellers for one identical product, which will be displayed after clicking one the product box. It is therefore not possible for the customer to see the same products side by side, but only one with a link to other offers. As part of the Multipricing MALL project, in addition to new products, it also offers so-called "Unpacked" products.

Picture 1: Example of displaying products included in multipricing in the product list
Picture 2: Example of displaying an offer from different vendors

How does multipricing work in product detail?

In the product details you can see a link to other offers that may be more convenient for customers. For example: one retailer may offer a cheaper product but with a later delivery date. On the other hand, the product you are currently viewing may be slightly more expensive, but you can have it right away.

Picture 3: Example of multipricing offer in product detail

On what basis can the products be combined?

At this point, it is possible to merge the same products by filling in EAN codes. If this code matches, Multipricing is created. So make sure you add EAN to all your products.

In which countries are duplicate products seen?

At the moment, it is possible to merge products in this way only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We send EAN for the product, but we don't see Multipricing

The first reason may be sending a different EAN code for the product then other sellers. So there is no match and the duplication remains on the site as it is now.
The second reason may be technical, where we need to import MALL Partner products into another system to run Multipricing. This is happening gradually. We expect that all matching EANs will be reflected on the MALL sites in the next months.

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