This article lists all the carriers that can be used for deliveries.

According to the goods you offer, it is important to distinguish whether it is a bigbox or a smallbox (pallet transport - bigbox or parcel transport - smallbox).

The smallbox or bigbox settings must correspond to the settings of package_size element for your products, as this is used as the majority pairing character when selecting a specific carrier and thus a specific shipping price.

In order for the customer to be able to choose the most suitable delivery method in the shopping cart, it is necessary to have active types of deliveries in particular countries from the list, as can be seen below.
For each carrier in the list, you will see if it can be used for Partner Sales.

If you have not found your carrier, please contact us via FAQ.

page 2: Overview of CZ carriers

page 3: Overview of SK carriers

page 4: Overview of PL carriers

page 5: Overview of HU carriers

page 6: Overview of SI carriers

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