Do you have an economic Vario system and want to become or are you already a MALL partner? If you want to have orders, product information, product availability, invoicing and other necessities fully automated and easy to use directly from Varia, our solution is right for you.

Our solution enables full synchronization between Vari and your products on the MALL Partner via the API. Our goal is to allow you to control everything directly from Varia and similarly you were informed about everything in Varia. There is no need to log in to MALL Partner and you also do not have to manually copy, send, etc. any data.

You send the products you want to sell directly from Varia.

When you change the stock, you automatically send changes to the stock status from Varia (automatically in the background, no one "forgets" anything).

  • Do you have a new order? It automatically loads itself into Varia.
  • Do you want to be informed about a new order by e-mail? It's also not a problem.
  • Have you already shipped the order? We will send the new status of the order automatically from Varia, including the shipment number for the client.
  • Do you want to sell thanks to MALL in more markets than just the Czech one? If you transfer products to Varia, you can also serve all other markets directly from here.
  • Our solution can also load invoices issued by MALL and their matching to accounting for payments is fully automatic.

How to activate

Are you interested in the offer? Take a look at more information and the price list, in which you will also learn more about how we can tailor the solution to your needs.

Price of a service

29,000 CZK without VAT for the first country, each additional country for 3,900 CZK without VAT


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