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In March 2021, the EU changed the energy labelling of products for certain categories of electrical appliances. Products must therefore be labelled to comply with all the new regulations.
How to tag products with energy labels for Heureka XML Feed can be found below.

Changes were made in the following categories:

- Monitors
- Television
- Washing machines
- Refrigerators
- Built-in freezers
- Freestanding freezers
- Wine cellars
- Washing machines

Energy labels in Heureka XML feed

The process of inserting energy labels consists of 2 steps:

1. Inserting the energy label and information sheet into the gallery

First, you need to add the energy label and information sheet to the product feed for each product as another image (IMGURL_ALTERNATIVE element, see article Required elements for Heureka XML feedy).

The same rules apply for energy labels as for images. URLs must be online accessible, URLs without spaces and diacritics. Image dimensions can be a maximum of 2000px x 2000px. Maximum size 2MB and minimum 100KB.

2. Marking an image using the media management feature

To connect to the Heureka XML feed, we have created a special function that allows you to tag an image from the feed as an energy label or information sheet.

The function can be found in the MALL Partner Portal in the Heureka Feeds section, tab Media Management.

This is where the excel file with the extension CSV in UTF-8 format. This document has a defined structure that must be followed.

Document structure


Then just insert and upload the file.

Recorded records can also be deleted using the trash can icon.

Incorrect use of this feature may result in the deletion of the products in question from the website.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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