This marketing campaign is one of the tools that can increase the attractiveness of your products to the customers with positive impact on the sales on our MALL web page.

You can join this campaign when you first activate your products or even during our cooperation – when you expand the range of your offered products on or on
Joining this campaign is free for you.

Conditions of this campaign:
– setting a free delivery
– the products have not been visible on our page for more than 30 days

This campaign can be seen on the main page of a

and you can also find it in selected categories in the menu.

After joining the campaign, you need to send us an email on with the maximum amount of 10 nominated products for each country.
Please send us individual links to each of the products on our page in the e-mail.
While nominating your products, please focus on their diversity and select from the whole portfolio on your new products.
We also recommend selecting products with higher value due to the condition of free delivery.

We will choose appropriate products based on your nominations and confirm that your chosen goods can be included in this campaign.

Instructions for setting up the campaign::

To make the products visible in the campaign, it is necessary to put two labels on them.

  • NOME – MALL novelties
    This label makes the products part of the “Novelties of the month” list but will not be visible on the product page.
  • FDEL - Free shipping for the customer
    This label physically marks the product and allows the customer free shipping.
    If you use the service MALL Delivery, you will be charged a shipping fee for orders where this product with the FDEL label will be located. For other types of transport, the cost of transport is at your expense.

Validity of the label is set according to our instructions, usually for 30 days.

Instructions on how to attach labels to your products can be found here.

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