An email was sent on 20/04/2022 regarding the adoption of a new directive concerning the real discounts (fair discounts) on Slovenian MIMOVRSTE.

In the past, the European Union has adopted Directive 2019/2161 regarding a fair discount. We are obliged to comply with its validity as of 28 May. In connection with this change, which is due to take place at the end of next month, we have been forced to temporarily restrict the display of discounts on the product sheet and product details on the Slovenian Mimovrste, where this directive was applied earlier. For you, however, there is technically no change in the pricing for the Slovenian market for the time being. 

From 28 May, the directive will apply to all other markets where MALL operates. The calculation of the discount amount will be based on the sales price history. From that date onwards it will not be possible to use "promotions". Only the "price" field will be used for any pricing including promotions. We will continue to display the discount amount, which will be calculated on the MALL side from the lowest selling price of the product in the last 30 days.

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