Please find below an email dated 19 January 2022 MALL Partner News about important changes and upcoming news.

New API documentation

In an effort to improve the quality of our information resources, we have prepared new documentation for our API. It has undergone many changes, including a complete update of the wording and marking of endpoints that are and are not suitable for your integration (deprecated). We hope that the new documentation will make API connections easier to understand and integrations faster. You can find the new documentation under the link here. The documentation under the old address will no longer be updated and will be completely deleted in the coming months.

End of free shipping

The Free Shipping Campaign has been terminated for MALLShop outlets and for orders exceeding the purchase value of 1 999 CZK / 79 ERU / 28 000 HUF incl. VAT. 
Free shipping remains on subsidized shipments, i.e. there are at least two items from different partners in the order. More information can be found in the article Changes in delivery prices and compensation.

Cooperation with Retailys

MALL and Retailys have good news for traders who want to manage all their orders from one clear user interface. Retailys can now also connect you to MALL, so if you use the platform for your sales, you can also handle all your orders from MALL. The main advantage of the Retailys omnichannel system is precisely the management of individual e-shops, comparison sites and online marketplaces from one dashboard. You don't have to log in to different administrations separately and you can handle orders, product management and stock management from one familiar environment. The Retailys interface can also be of great use if you are planning to expand abroad with your e-shop. Retailys not only takes care of the creation of Czech and foreign e-shops, but also acts as an expert on foreign markets and advises you on how to best succeed in your chosen country and how to localize your e-shop correctly. For more information, please visit our blog.

Background to compensation for 2021

We remind you that you can submit documents for compensation and subsidised transport for 2021 via the Help Centre until 28 January 2022 at the latest. here. If you do not do so by the above date, you run the risk of not being compensated.

Satisfaction survey after the Christmas season

On 10 January 2022, an email was sent to your email addresses with the title Satisfaction survey after the Christmas season with a questionnaire to let us know how you coped with the Christmas onslaught and how we can continue to improve.

Energy labels for electrical appliances

From March 2021, new energy labelling for certain types of electrical appliances, such as TVs, dishwashers and refrigeration appliances (including wine coolers), will apply in all EU countries. If this has not already been done, please follow the instructions in the email New energy labels 2021.

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