Please find below an email dated 16. 2. 2022 MALL Partner News about important changes and upcoming news.

BaseLinker - New integrator

Popular e-commerce integrator BaseLinker, which can quickly and easily connect e-shops to the largest online marketplaces, arrived to Czech Republic and Slovakia. The new BaseLinker integration solution will be appreciated not only by merchants who want to start selling on MALL and are looking for the easiest possible way, but also by those who are already selling on the marketplace and are not fully satisfied with their current form of connection. BaseLinker allows

in one clear interface to browse the goods, check out orders and also arrange shipping through MALL Delivery and print the necessary shipping labels.

For e-shops selling on MALL, BaseLinker has prepared a special promotion where you get the first 6 months of service for free with unlimited access to all existing and new integrations. You will thus be able to try the service without fear and without obligation and judge for yourself whether it meets your expectations. BaseLinker has a very pro-customer pricing policy even after the trial access expires. The full version of the service is charged with a flat monthly fee starting at CZK 199. More information can be found at on the BaseLinker website.

Mailstep - Fullfilment services for partners

Do you want to grow even faster with your e-shop and provide your customers with the best possible service? Leave the logistics to the experts! MALL has joined forces with the largest Czech fulfillment provider, Mailstep, and e-shop owners now have the opportunity to completely outsource the storage and shipping of their goods. This service is primarily intended for Czech and foreign e-shops seller for MALL.czwhere the use of this service with the main warehouse in Prague is most effective. "Through our technology connection with MALL Partner, we are ready to provide merchants with superior service and guaranteed SLAs to give MALL customers the fastest order delivery and best possible customer experience," he describes CEO of Mailstep Libor Hudeček.

The option to completely hand over logistics to professionals is the next step in addition to services such as MALL Delivery or MALL Financing       

to build a comprehensive service ecosystem that helps our merchants deliver even better customer service, grow faster

and establish yourself in the dynamically growing e-commerce.

MALL Financing campaign

It's currently underway February campaign from Lemonero, which provides the MALL Financing service. If you need money for faster growth 🚀, marketing campaigns, stock purchase or even expansion abroad, this service is just for you, because only thanks to it you will get to develop your e-shop up to one million crowns in a few clicks. 🙌 To show you the benefits MALL Financing offers, we will reward new installations throughout February five hundred to your account. Simply fill in the form and install the Lemonero add-on in the e-shop admin. Read more about the service here.


Number of entries and queries via FAQ are constantly increasing and we are glad you are taking advantage of it! Through the Help Center, your query is quickly routed to the appropriate department and the resolution time is significantly shorter. Inquiries can be submitted in both Czech and English, depending on the settings of your MALL Partner portal.

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