Please find below an email dated 19. 4. 2021 MALL Partner News about important changes and upcoming news.

MALL Financing by Lemonero 

Interest rate 0.99 % per month, business financing up to CZK 1 million and 90 minutes of free consultation with financial management expert Michal Koubek.
This new service, MALL Financing in cooperation with the startup Lemonero, enables Czech e-shops to easily access growth capital. Thanks to a short-term loan that we evaluate the same day you submit your application, you can react quickly to changes in demand, use marketing campaigns or expand your sales abroad. For more information, see here.

MALL Partner on YouTube 

On our YouTube channel MALL Partner you will now find video tutorials for connecting to Heureka feed, useful information for using the Categories tab, how to process an order and more. We recommend the MALL Partne channelr to include in your subscriptions.
YouTube channel and Knowledge base contains helpful videos and tutorials that will guide you through the activation and subsequent sales process.

New accessories on MALL Partner 

Introducing another of our integrators to simplify your sales on MALL Partner.

  • - The add-on solves everything for you for worry-free affiliate sales of your products on MALL Partner. Thanks to the complete real-time connection of your systems, you don't have to change your processes. Link to Shoptet, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopsys, Prestashop and more.
  • Kinet - Take advantage of the automatic synchronization of orders to the Pohoda system and the automated update of their statuses back to the MALL Partner administration.
  • BHIT - The bridge allows automatic import of orders from MALL to ES POHODA and back export of their statuses.
  • - Sale of products as part of MALL partner sales on the Czech and foreign markets through the platform. Labels, manufacturers, product categories and their parameters are imported into the catalogue. The add-on exports shipping, products and sets orders.

For an up-to-date overview of available solutions, please visit the MALL Partner Portal under the tab Services or on our website.

Below you will find an email dated April 19, 2021 MALL Partner - News about important changes and upcoming news.

MALL Financing by Lemonero

Monthly interest rate 0.99, business financing up to 1 million korunas and 90 minutes of consultations with financial management specialist Michael Koubka for free.
The new MALL Financing Service in cooperation with startup Lemonero allows Czech eshops to easily obtain growth capital. Due to a short-term loan which will be processed and finalized within the submission date of the application, you can consequently quickly react to the changes in the demand, invest in marketing campaigns or expand your business abroad. Please, click here for more information.

MALL Partner on YouTube

In our YouTube channel MALL Partner you can find new video guides which cover connection to Heureka feed, useful information on how to use the Category tab, how to prepare orders, and others. We also recommend adding the channel MALL Partner to your subscriptions.
Youtube channel and Knowledge base include useful videos and guides, which can help you with the process of the activation and the process of the following sales in MALL Partner platform.

New add-ons in MALL Partner

We are introducing new integrators which can simplify your sales on the MALL Partner platform.

  • - This add-on delivers no stress partner sales of all your products in MALL Partner. Due to the complete synchronization of your systems in real time, there is no change to your established processes. this applies to Shoptet, Woocommerce, Magento, Shopsys, Prestashop and others.
  • Kinet - Take advantage of the automatic integration of your orders in the system Pohoda together with updates of their status in the MALL Partner platform.. 
  • BHIT - Enables automatic import of orders from Mall to ES Pohoda and the export of their status.
  • - Add-on is for the sale of products in Czech and international markets as part of MALL's partner sales through Bookmarks, tags, makers/brands, categories of products and their parameters are imported to this catalog. This add-on also exports deliveries, products and settings of orders.

Current up-to-date overview of the available services can be found in the MALL Partner portal in the tab Services or visit our website.

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