Cooperation MALL Partner 6/2022

E-mail communication

Please find below an email dated 23.6.2022 Cooperation MALL Partner about important changes and upcoming news.

New way of processing returned goods

The process of processing returned goods has been automated and the information email containing the shipping number and the Record Sheet of returned goods has been changed. 
There has been a visual change in the Record Sheet, where the goods are now marked with a specific ID number for better identification. Also, the Reason for Return, Serial Number and EAN are now listed on the Registration Sheet.

Closure of

Following the recent merger of MALL and Allegro, we are discontinuing the operation of as of 30 June 2022. This is a natural step, which we have taken because it no longer makes sense to split forces and develop two business platforms with the same goal and focus on the same customer groups in parallel. All the merchants who have been selling on so far can easily list their products on Allegro as well, giving them an instant reach to tens of millions of customers not only in Poland but across Europe.

Supply delay

In the context of the current season and the upcoming holidays, we would like to remind you of the correct availability settings (Delivery delay and Close time) and Supply delay (delayed delivery) directly in the MALL Partner Portal in the section Delivery. Setting a delivery delay will automatically extend the normal delivery date value (Delivery delay) by the period you specify. You can use the delayed delivery if you have closed warehouses for shipments during holidays. For more information about the settings, please see here.

Remove payment type from MALL Partner portal

We have removed the Payment Type field from the Orders menu in the MALL Partner Portal. At the same time, this information has been removed from filters and CSV exports. According to our article How to process an order, this field is not used to identify the form of payment of the order. When identifying the form of payment, always use the information in the "Remaining to be paid" field, which can be found as "COD" within the API and order feed. This field contains the total possible COD amount including shipping and handling charges.

If the value is "COD"/"Remaining to be paid" is equal to zero, the order is paid in advance.

If the value is "COD/"Remaining to be paid" is not zero, the order is COD and you need to select the exact amount indicated in this field.

For the order feed and API field remains. Please still follow the procedure above to ensure that your orders go out correctly.

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