Labels and sale offers are marketing tools that will help increase the attractiveness of your products for customers and thus have a positive impact on your sales on MALL.
Our internal data shows that product highlighting can improve sales by up to 450%, so we recommend using LABELS and PROMOTIONS.
Each product can have any number of labels that the Partner sets by themselves. The labels listed below can be used without prior agreement. Other labels can only be used based on information from MALL and these are labels specifically designed for a particular Partner and / or labels designed for various marketing campaigns.

You can use the basic labels shown below for this purpose. Instructions on how to set them up can be found here.


This label will help you apply the New sticker to the product.
The customer can then filter your product in the given category on the website through the Label parameter = New.
You can set the New label on a product for a maximum period of one month.
Our data suggests that this setting can help you increase product sales by approximately 12%.

Example of the New label on product


The FDEL label equips the product with a Free Shipping sticker.
Products marked with this label are very attractive and most preferred by customers.
Sales results for Free Shipping can increase sales by up to 450%.

Example of Free shipping label on product


The SALE label adds a Sale sticker to the product and displays the discount, if any. It is used in case the product is sold out and no longer available.
The prerequisite for displaying the discount amount for a product is at least 15% discount from the RRP (retail price).
In a given category, the product can be filtered via Label = Sale
From our data, setting this sticker can help you increase the product sales by about 116%.

Example of Sale label on product, including the amount of discount

The other option is Promotions, which you can be set according to the instructions here.


If you have products that you want to have with a special price, use the PROMOTIONS label, which adds the Special offer label to the product and displays the discount if applicable.
The condition for displaying the discount amount for a product is at least 15% discount from the RRP (retail price). The RRP price is then displayed as a crossed out price for the product.
The yellow circle with the discount is displayed from the discount 16% and above.
Products can be filtered in a given category via Tag = Promotions.

Example of the Special price label settings, including the amount of discount for product

The display of labels on our website may vary depending on changes and overall modifications to the website.

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