An email was sent on 2 March 2022 regarding technical news for product listing

New format for energy labels and information sheets

The first innovation is the possibility of using PDF documents for information sheets. If you upload products manually, this document can be assigned in PDF format to the corresponding field in your MALL Partner Portal. If you use the API connection type, just insert the URL link to the PDF file between the media sent to the product as before and mark the file as an information sheet according to the standard conditions. Similarly for the connection type MALL feed just insert the URL link to the PDF file into your feed between the media with the correct label for the fact sheet. For the link type Heureka feed you need to have the link present among the images in your feed and then you need to tag the files using media management according to the instructions here.

From 1.4.2022 it will also be possible to use the PDF data format for energy labels. The conditions for uploading individual labels will then be identical to the information sheets as described above. Information sheets can already be uploaded now.

Validation of special characters for product names

As part of the improvement of the services we want to provide you, we are migrating products between two services within the MALL systems. However, in addition to the benefits that this migration will bring in the future, it is necessary to comply with a new condition for product names.

These are:

  • field "Product name" for manually recorded products,
  • field "Productname" for products uploaded via Heureka feed,
  • field "Title" for products uploaded via MALL feed,
  • field "Title" for products uploaded via API.

These fields must not contain any emoticons or other special characters other than the basic ones (comma, period, hyphens, etc.). These are characters like ©, ˚, ℗, , ™, ♂, etc. In case of connection via Manual input and API the presence of these characters in the mentioned elements will make the products unupdatable. For MALL feed and Heureka feed the presence of these characters will cause the products to be deleted from the system. 

Special characters must be removed from product names.

If you have any questions about energy labels and information sheets or, for example, about a specific sign, please contact us via FAQ.


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