Retailys is a software company that has developed the e-commerce omnichannel solution with the same name that allows merchants to easily expand abroad, thanks to the option to create and manage a virtually unlimited number of foreign e-shops and other sales channels in one administration. As the word omnichannel, which can be translated as "all channels", suggests, the system offers not only the creation of e-shops, but also connections to global and local marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, or various price comparison sites. The merchant thus has all channels under one roof and does not have to log into each administration separately, which significantly saves time and money.

Retailys clients can choose from a variety of accessories and can select MALL as an additional app to make selling on this marketplace easier. By registering in the MALL Partner Portal you will receive an API key, which you will then insert into the Retailys system, where MALL will be displayed as your additional sales channel. If you want to sell in multiple countries, a new channel will be created for each country.

Thanks to the API connection option, the management of orders, products, shipping, as well as billing and invoicing is automatically synchronized. You then need to assign the most suitable MALL categories to your specific products, which are then matched from Retailys to the partner portal using the same ID, saving you a lot of work.

On your dashboard in Retailys you will also find a widget that informs you about all the essentials such as the number of products listed on MALL or offers useful tips for adjusting the products themselves to make them as MALL-friendly as possible to ensure maximum sales efficiency. The MALL widget can display all the countries you have decided to expand to through MALL, whether it's Slovakia, Hungary or Slovenia.

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