To improve the customer experience in the area of order delivery, we set up a cooperation with the Zásilkovna carrier and expanded the network of delivery points.

Only partners who have their own registration with the carrier can use the services of the Zásilkovna. After registration, it will be possible to set up a new custom delivery in the MALL Partner portal
Packeta can be used in CZ, SK, HU and SI.

For better marketability, we recommend setting the shipping price at the lower end of the range.

  • CZ - 59 - 69 CZK
  • EN - 2,90 - 3,90 EUR
  • HU - 99 - 119 HUF
  • SI - 2,90 - 3,90 EUR

Transport conditions

This carrier only transports orders of the smallbox type with a maximum weight of 10 kg and dimensions according to the terms and conditions of Zásilkovna.

In case all your products meet the weight and size limits of the Zásilkovna, it is possible to set a default weight value of up to 10 kg.

If the order exceeds the agreed limits, another carrier must be used.

The cross-country skis have a weight of 2 kg and the dimension of 205 cm. The weight fits within the Zásilkovna limits, but the dimensions do not.
For such a product, you need to select another carrier where the product meets the limits for smallbox over 10 kg or assign the bigbox flag to the product and set up a bigbox carrier that corresponds to the transport of this type of goods.

Connection type

The Zásilkovna is suitable for partners using API connection, MALL XML feed or manual connection.

It is not advisable to use the Heureka XML feed to connect to the services of Zásilkovna, due to the limited possibilities of inserting product weight into the feed. 

 Through your connection, you must fill in the dimensions of the products corresponding to the transport conditions. 

According to the type of connection:

If you are using manual connection the dimensions are inserted in the MALL Partner portal in the product detail, in the Basic tab.

If you are using MALL XML Feed connection it is necessary to modify the PACKAGE_SIZE parameter in the product feed. More in the article here

If you are using the API connection it is necessary to fill in the parameter through the Marketplace API.

Carrier settings

In case you fall under partners who can use this service, please use the following transport codes in Settings.

Pick up points:

  • ID 211 Zásilkovna | CZ
  • ID 212 Zásilkovna | SK
  • ID 213 Zásilkovna | HU
  • ID 301 Packeta / Post of Slovenia | SI

Home delivery:

  • ID 292 Zásilkovna | CZ Home Delivery
  • ID 293 Zásilkovna | SK Home Delivery
  • ID 294 Zásilkovna | HU Home Delivery

Export data

To enter order data from the MALL system, it is possible to export data from MALL Partner portal according to the required format of the delivery service (CSV export for orders). This export is used to print labels in the application.  
You can also export data manually or via API.

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