Ideally pass the following information to your programmer! 
Dear partners, 

We would like to inform you about the planned changes in the configuration of transport, which will take place at the turn of November and December of this year. 

Since you are using the connection API, these changes will only affect you if you are using an endpoint Deliveries (setting of carriers and their prices). Our statistics show that partners use this endpoint minimally and it is therefore likely that you will not be forced to interfere in your implementation. To verify your configuration, please forward this email to your programmer or technical solution administrator. 

If you are just a partner using the above-mentioned endpoint, it is possible to exclude you from the mass launch wave by prior agreement and then set an individual date for switching to the new version of the solution. However, we assume that this postponement will be allowed to partners no later than the end of March 2020. To opt out, you must contact your onboarding specialist or through our FAQ.

All the functionalities described below will be available in the user interface MALL Partner portal, this change does not necessarily mean that it is necessary to implement a modification of your connection API. Let the new version be set automatically straight away, in the season use all the new functionalities by setting it directly in the portal and solve the implementation only in the new year or fully switch to manual settings if you do not use dynamic settings of carriers and prices. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Upcoming changes:  

  • the existing deliveries endpoint and all its functions will be completely switched off
  • several new endpoints for setting traffic and their prices will be created 

We will make the technical documentation available to you as soon as it is ready. However, expect that the complexity of implementing a new solution will be a little more complicated than the existing one.

The new version of traffic settings will allow you to:

  • Separately set the close time at the level of each carrier according to the days of the week
    • Our statistics show that if the close time is set correctly for individual carriers, you will be able to increase your sales on the last days before Christmas, thanks to the differentiation of delivery according to the possibilities of individual carriers. 
  • Choose the country of the calendar to refine the calculation of the expected delivery on the website for the customer
    • Useful especially if you sell with us abroad, as a partner, for example from Slovakia, you will be able to set a Slovak calendar for your sales account. This will maximize the customer's expectations when the goods will be delivered.
  • Ability to set the correct period when you are not working
    • Possibility to set the supply delay or the time of the outage in your delivery as a specific time range of days with the setting in advance. Usable for example for Christmas holidays, inventories, holidays, etc. 

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