In this article, you will learn more about how delivery intervals work, what customers see online and in their shopping carts, and how you can affect the delivery interval on your side.

What are delivery intervals?

The interval is the time range that the customer sees for products and in the shopping cart on our website and expects the order to arrive within this period.
In the interval, delivery is not tied to only one day, but a range of days when the order will be delivered to the customer.

How can I affect the interval setting?

We have created intervals to amend customers' expectations and eliminate their complaints due to later delivery date.

You can regulate the interval by setting the delivery delay correctly. How to set the delivery delay can be found here.

Please pay close attention to this setting. Our customers are very sensitive to receiving their order on the delivery date, especially with home delivery. Later order delivery may result in the customer not accepting the order.

Below you will find a table with intervals according to the set delivery delay.

Order created 2.9., after close time, with set delivery delay 3 days.
Expected delivery date is 8.9. Weekends and holidays are not counted in the delivery delay.
The interval is 3 to 4 working days, so the range 8.9. - 9.9. will be displayed in the basket for delivery date.

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