If you need advice on setting up or operating the connection between FastCentrik and MALL Partner, you can contact the following contacts:

Fastcentrik support

Tel. number: +420 731 444 545
E-mail: supportingafc@netdirect.cz
Ticket system on pages https://helpdesk.netdirect.cz/

What can be solved here: If you do not see something in FastCentrik or if it looks like the orders have not been imported / updated correctly

MALL Partner

Contacts are listed here: https://knowledgebase.mallgroup.com/kontakt/

Business Development

What can be solved here: Business matters, expansion of the products offered in the country where you already offer products through the MALL Partner, expansion of the scope to other countries where MALL operates and marketing.


What can be solved here: Connection of information about offered products and other technical connection.

Account Management

What can be solved here: Information about events and actions and planned marketing campaigns. Product nominations for the "News Campaign", a proposal for a new marketing campaign, requests to participate in workshops and proposals for the addition of new product categories can also be sent to this email.


What can be solved here: Compensation Vouchers by WE | DO and operational inquiries, such as correction of order statuses and / or assistance in locating shipments.

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