When creating or uploading products to MALL systems, it is crucial to provide all additional information in the form of parameters and their values.
However, you may add incorrect values to your products, and it may therefore be necessary to correct the information.

In order to make it easier for customers to select the desired goods, we will evaluate incorrectly entered parameter values on a regular basis.
You can read more in the article below.

Adding parameters to products serves to improve customer experience and customer orientation on the product page of the website. After the parameters and values have been filled in correctly, the customer has the opportunity to filter a specific product type, e.g. by colour.

It is therefore necessary that the parameter values are written in the exact format defined by MALL.
Products that do not have the parameters filled in are automatically dropped from the product offer to customers who search for a specific type of product through the side filters.

Parameters, values, and where to find them

Almost all MALL categories contain a set of PARAMETERS, such as COLOR, SIZE, MATERIAL, etc. according to specifications of each category. Each of these parameters have a defined set of VALUES that you can use.

The only exception are parameters that start with the prefix MP, such as MP_COLOR, MP_SIZE, MP_MATERIAL, etc. These parameters do not have fixed values predefined by MALL and their format is discussed with your Onboarding specialist during the implementation of your products.

A complete list of all parameters can be found in MALL Partner portal in the Category section.
After selecting a category, it is possible to export all parameter values predefined by MALL in JSON or XLS format.
You can also find a complete list of all parameters for your chosen categories and their values from our API.

Incorrectly set values

An incorrect parameter value is a value that differs from those defined by MALL (wrong format, font size, illegal characters, not in the local language) or is completely missing from the list of values for the given parameter.

Example of an incorrect value entry:
Value defined by MALL:Incorrect value entry:
červenáČervená or červený or red
gumarubber or gumový
white / orangewhite, orange or white-orange
running shoessneakers

Due to such incorrectly entered values, unwanted duplicates are created in the filters, the data is inconsistent and the goods are difficult for the customer to find, see the picture below.

CSV with incorrect values

MALL partners will receive an export in the CSV format containing all incorrectly entered values.

  • Column A: MALL ID of your company
  • Column B: your company’s product ID
  • Column C: MALL product ID
  • Column D: MALL category ID
  • Column E: name of the parameter in MALL database
  • Column F: incorrectly entered value for the product that must be corrected

Correction of incorrect values by connection type

MI – Manual Input

In the product details in the MALL Partner portal, we only offer MALL-defined parameter values. Just select one or more values from the options offered.

In case of incorrect value entry, it is impossible to save the product and the portal warns you of the invalid value.


When connecting via the MALL XML Feed, it is necessary to correct the incorrectly entered values in the products feed.

Incorrectly entered parameter values:

Correctly entered parameter values:

A complete list of all parameters can be found in the MALL Partner portal in the Category section or in API, as described below.


Similarly to the MALL XML Feed connection, it is also necessary to adjust the parameter value directly in the structure of the uploaded product.

A complete list of parameters and values can be found in our API documentation.

The documentation also contains an endpoint which can be used to get details about the required category (ID and category name), mandatory sorting parameters and their values (category conditions) as well as about other available parameters and their values that must be entered so that the product is shown correctly on the website from our API with one call.

Heureka XML Feed

When using the Heureka XML Feed connection, incorrect values can occur during the management (movement) of your products. It is therefore necessary to follow the articles Heureka XML feed – pairing categories, parameters and values and creating variant products and Heureka XML Feed – product control.

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