The customer buys goods from an Internet Mall retailer. Internet Mall therefore buys goods from you as our partner after the order is successfully delivered.

When the customer chooses the form of payment online payment (by card or bank transfer), this payment is sent on behalf of MALL.
If the customer chooses the form of payment Cash on delivery, this payment is credited upon delivery of the shipment on your account.

Since MALL buys goods from you after the carrier delivers them to the customer, or the customer picks them up at the dispensing point, it is necessary to take all these amounts (cash on delivery) into account and account for MALL.
This occurs after mutual invoicing and posting of the invoice on the MALL side.
After this processing of invoices on our side, a credit will be generated - Agreement on mutual offsetting of receivables and payables.

Giant. 1 .: Example of credit for manual billing

The credit agreement is sent to you by the MALL Partner accounting department when processing the statement or when checking the balance of mutual receivables.
We can send you the result of the credit after approval and confirmation of this credit by you.
In order to expedite the sending of payments, please confirm the credit as soon as possible.

On the receivables side, there is the sum of cash on delivery that are in your account from the invoiced period.
The payables side contains purchase invoices for goods sold.

If you use self-billing, the offset is generated in the format below. Self-billing is possible only for the Czech Republic at the moment.

Giant. 2 .: Credit from Self-billing

The self-billing offset is created 2 or 3 days after billing.
On the receivables side, there are cash on delivery payments of all orders that are set as delivered on the day it is created and have not yet been included in another offset.

The payables side contains purchase invoices for goods sold.

Credits from Self-billing can be found in the partner portal in the Billing tab and after issuance they will be sent to an email that you have registered with us as a contact for financial matters.

Portal - where you will find credits

We can only send you payments to the account specified in the contract, which is also stated for financial management purposes.
We cannot send you money to other accounts.

It is important to process individual payments properly and on time according to the final balance of the credit. In case of non-payment of payments, from credits where the partner has to pay the amounts, other payments by MALL will be suspended.

The billing details and bank details can be found in the contract or here.

A common question we receive is: How does a partner in the register set up payments from cash on delivery, what he receives, directly to his account.
The most common way of recording cash on delivery for MALL Partner orders are the so-called Money on the way. This serves to bridge the time discrepancy between the posting of cash receipts and bank statements. However, which method of registration he chooses is fully the responsibility of the Partner and his accounting. Internet Mall is not responsible for recording these transactions on the part of the partner.

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