This article will guide you through the Withdrawal Process ("OOKS") process at MALL.
As we already know, the customer can reconsider the completed purchase and withdraw from the contract, which was concluded outside the business premises, within the statutory period.

We can influence this decision by providing the customer with all the necessary information for each product. The rule here is that more is better.
Even if we are not happy, the customer can still decide not to keep the goods and return them.

Jindividual steps Withdrawal from the purchase contract

Receipt from the customer

If the customer decides to withdraw from the purchase contract, he will bring the goods to the MALL branch. There, customer identification, inspection of goods and assessment of entitlement to OOKS will take place.

If the customer is entitled to OOKS and the goods are in order, we will issue a confirmation of OOKS to the customer and send a credit note by e-mail.

At the branch, there is a regular inspection of the goods, which is stated on the invoice from the order. The contents of the package and its completeness are checked by an employee according to the product description on our website.

It is therefore important for products to state the contents of the entire package, including accessories, in the description and to add pictures where these accessories are also visible.
Otherwise, the MALL employee cannot correctly assess the completeness of the goods and the product may return incomplete to you.

We also encounter cases where the goods, according to the customer, arrived damaged. If the customer contacts us with these goods within a reasonably long time and the goods do not show any signs of use, we will proceed to OOKS. The Internet Mall policy in this case is pro-customer.

After receipt, the goods are sent to the Distribution Center - Internet Mall Complaints Department. Goods from OOKS are collected every working day at regular intervals.

The customer can choose to send the goods directly to the address of the complaints department below instead of returning the goods at the branch.

Internet Mall - complaints department for CZ, SK, PL, HU
Logistics center MALL CZ
Prologis Park Jirny, Hall DC5, ramp 79
Poděbradská 771
25090 Jirny
tel: 739 542 848 (contact for drivers)

Mimovrste - complaints department for SI
Brnčičeva street 39
1231 Ljubljana
Republic of Slovenia

Processing at the complaints department in the Distribution Center

  • According to FIFO, OOKS will be queued for processing at the complaints department.
  • If the customer sent OOKS directly to the address of the Distribution Center, it is confirmation of OOKS written in the same way as in the case of submission of OOKS at the branch from the data on the cover letter from the customer.
  • The goods are assigned to the partner from whom they come. At the partner, we consolidate these OOKS goods and send them at regular intervals.
  • Before sending these goods, we will create a request for a credit note from the partner.
    • You will find information on the application for a credit note ("Returned Delivery"):
      • Internet Mall billing address
      • billing address of the supplier / partner - for whom the request is intended
      • order - credit application identification number, starting with 4700 *. This number must be stated on the corrective tax documents
      • the date of issue of the credit application
      • the name of the goods, the number of pieces and the price of the goods we return
      • identification of the customer order under which the goods were ordered by the customer (eg 11662366101,…)

Requests for a credit note are attached to the OOKS shipment for each product. The consignment also contains a list in the form of a printed table, which will be sent by e-mail and the goods will be handed over for packaging.

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