Cooperation MALL Partner 1/2023

E-mail communication

Please find below an email dated 19. 1. 2023 Cooperation MALL Partner about important changes and upcoming news.

Who to contact?

To resolve your request quickly and successfully, it is good to know, which department to contact.

MALL Delivery and shipping claims, order statuses, MALL Self-Billing or manual billing can be explained to you at Department of Operations.
Questions regarding payments, specific invoices, credits, credit notes, etc. should be directed to our accounting department.

Enquiries about the product upload process and initial settings within the MALL Partner Portal before the launch of the sale are handled by Onboarding Department. To communicate with Onboarding, maintain a conversation thread with the specialist assigned to you. 
Technical questions and problems after the launch of the sale (uploading and editing products, variants, manual connection, API, feedy) should be sent via Help Centre in the partner portal.
Complaints, withdrawal from the purchase contract or warranty certificates are handled by our complaints team.

Obligations for the seller 

Based on the update of the Complaints Policy, we would like to remind you of a few basic points.

  • Each product is the seller's obligation to add instructions in the official language of the country.
  • Confirmation of warranty certificate - the customer is entitled to confirmation of the warranty certificate. If the warranty card is available on the manufacturer's website or attached to the product, we will resolve the confirmation with the customer. Otherwise, you will be contacted by our claims department to provide an original or universal warranty certificate.
  • If the initial product photo is only an illustration, this must be added to the product description. Otherwise it may be misleading advertising.

Number of variants in products

To increase the clarity of the products you sell on MALL, we recommend that you list a maximum of 200 variants per product. The database limit is then 300 variants per product. Variants uploaded in excess of this number will not be displayed on our website. For more information, please read our article on variant products.

Setting up the portal after the season

The Christmas rush is over and it's time to return traffic settings to pre-season levels. Delivery delay and Close time now set it according to your current situation.
For more information on the correct settings, see here.

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