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Manual Input, Products - Setup and Management

If you have chosen manual linking, this article will serve as a guide for setting up your products correctly. Here you will find an explanation of each field, help on how to fill in the fields correctly and any details that are important to us.

Log in to the Partner Portal to create products After logging in, click on the tab Products.

This section allows you to manage your product offer - create, edit and delete products.

Add product 

Using the "Add Product" button (found on the top right), you will be presented with a form in which you can enter information about your product.

Basic data

Mandatory items are marked here with *. Required fields also include brand (BRAND), EAN and recommended retail price (RRP).

  • Product ID - is your internal product ID
  • Brand - here you select the tag ID using the whisperer. If we don't have your brand on the Mallu website yet, please send the team onboarding foundation materials: short description + logo (JPEG, PNG, GIF). The brand will then be created and you will be sent the appropriate Brand ID, which you will fill in this field. The brand is important for matching products on Google Ads, Heureku and Zboží.cz.
  • Product Title (Product Title) - there is no need to enter a tag in the name, it is automatically added to the first position of the field "Brand". We recommend writing a general product name that is easy to find (e.g. Car) + basic product features (e.g. remote control). If necessary, other specifics that characterize the product max. 200 characters.
  • Categories (Category ID) - here you will find the individual categories you have open. If you have products that you have nowhere to put, you can use the excel file called category tree as a help. Here you will find our complete tree of all active categories. Once you have found the correct categories, send their Category ID or tagged in the file to the team onboarding. If you are unable to find a suitable category in our tree, please also contact the team in this case onboarding.
  • Priority - Use priorities for selected products. 0 - 100 -> products on sale, 101 - 195 -> current products in the category. We are currently switching to a system of automatic product ranking using an algorithm that works on the basis of the number of clicks, traffic and sales of a given product. At the moment the algorithm is not deployed in all categories, so we still recommend using the priority system.
  • Package size - you fill in the values smallbox / bigbox. These values pair the product with by transport. It is therefore necessary to have identical values in the based transport and the product.
  • EAN - has a precisely defined shape - 13 numeric characters. EAN has a significant impact on the matching of products on Google Ads, Heureka and Zboží.cz and therefore the ability to reach many more customers with your products. Currently, it is not technically possible to add EANs to individual variants for this type of linking. It is only possible to add one EAN for all variants. Choose the EAN of your choice.
  • Price with VAT - Price including VAT.
  • VAT (VAT) - you must fill in the correct VAT for the product according to your country, regardless of whether you are VAT registered or not.
  • Recommended retail price (RRP) - set the RRP for all products. It is very important when setting up marketing campaigns.
    Under no circumstances increase the RRP during the sale of the product on MALL.
  • Short description - is a short description of the product, with a maximum of 300 characters. It should be a continuous text without bullets or paragraphs. The sentence should begin with a capital letter, end with a full stop and the text should be completed in its entirety. The short description should be shorter than the long description. None of the descriptions may refer to pages other than MALL.
    We recommend using keywords here as a general product name (e.g. long sleeve shirt). The product will be more traceable.
  • In stock - number of pieces in stock. In order to purchase a product, you need to have a stock availability greater than 0. If a product has In stock = 0, the product will be inactive on the site and cannot be purchased. The number of units should correspond to the actual stock in stock.
  • Active product - To activate the product, the "Active" box must be checked. This status means that the product is visible and saleable on the website. If you set the status as "Inactive" the product is traceable on the site but cannot be purchased. You can set the active/inactive status in the product list or in the product details.
  • Delivery time - number of days (Delivery delay - in days) - represents Real the time interval for the delivery of the order to the end customer from the moment the order is placed by the customer. The partner sets the value as an integer in working days. It can also be set for transport. Delivery delay for product/variant takes precedence over delivery delay for shipping.
  • Free shipping (Free delivery) - after checking this box, free shipping is indicated next to the product. If the box is left blank, the conditions set in Transport.
  • Long label (Description) - it is advisable to use HTML tags in a long description. When you use HTML markup, you must follow all the guidelines for correct markup in this code. The long description should be structured using bullets, paragraphs. You cannot use colored headings, text, or asterisks on a non-existent link in the text. The long caption should be structured; an unorganized block of text is unacceptable. Maximum number of characters 13 000. It is possible to insert an image or video in a long caption. To embed a video, a unified notation is required, then the video is automatically recognized and embedded in the gallery. We recommend placing the video at the end of the long caption. The video will then automatically appear in the gallery as well. Only the bolded parts of the code (identification code and video title) need to be replaced in the entry. Code to insert video (this video serves only as an example):

<p><a">VIDEO TITLE</a></p>

If you are not familiar with HTML tags and want to undo the formatting in the text in a long description, you can select the whole text and use the "undo formatting" button. This button will remove the custom styles from the text and the text will be correctly transcribed to the web.

Button to cancel formatting


Each category has a certain set of parameters. Here you will find all the parameters of the category that can be filled in. The individual values are selected from the search engine offered by the portal. For sales promotion, we recommend filling in as many parameters as possible. In case the customer uses filters, the product without filled in parameters may fall out of the product listing. If you have a suggestion for a new parameter or value that is absolutely necessary for you, please contact onboarding.

Below you can find an example of how to create variants for a product (e.g. color - you specify multiple colors and check the "Variable parameter" box at the end of the line). How to proceed with variants is described in this article under "Variants".

Product images

In this section, all images are uploaded for the product, including images of variants. After uploading, the main product image is selected.
The main image must be on a white background with no watermarks, other markings, markings or frames. It is appropriate to use more than one image. The recommended resolution is 1280 x 1024 px, the maximum limit is 2000 px. The recommended and maximum size is 1.5 MB.
Supported formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF.

Example of uploaded images, including selection of the main image

Package dimensions

The section is used to determine the dimensions of the package, these values are taken into account when offering transport depending on the size of the goods. The dimensions of the package must correspond to the weight levels that can be set in the transport. The dimensions are optional.

Example of filled package dimensions

Labels and special prices

In this step it is possible to glue the product Taggedsuch as "New", "Tip" or "Sale". Each label must be marked with a validity period. The validity start date must be set to the next day at the earliest (e.g. a label is set to 15.6. and the validity start date of the label can be set to 16.6. at the earliest).

Here you can also set promotional price (promotion), which will then be displayed on the website in the product detail as a label "Action". In order to use the promotional price, you must also fill in the validity period as with the labels.
In the process of any further editing of the product, the expired label or promotional price must be removed or updated. Otherwise, changes to the product will not be saved.

Labels and promotional price are optional.

Recommended products

Recommended products allow you to offer other related products from your product range (e.g. you can add other products such as bike helmet, gloves, etc. to the main product bicycle). Enter your internal product ID in the field below and the whisperer will offer it to you. The recommended products cannot currently be used for individual variants only for a single product. This tab is optional.

If the product is not a variant, the creation process is completed by confirming the red button "Finish".

If any part is incorrectly filled in, you will be informed of the detail with an error message. In case of a successful save, we classify the product for processing and thus the product will be displayed on the website.

Image of the recommended products section


Here you pair images to each variant, marking one image as the main image for that variant. You can also select multiple images for one variant and then confirm the selection with the green button.  

Repeat this process as many times as there are variations. A list of all variants is then generated.

In the list of variants you can edit the variant detail using the "pencil" icon.

The creation process is completed by confirming the red button "Finish". If any part is incorrectly filled in, you will be informed of the detail with an error message. In case of a successful save, we classify the product for processing.

Additional features in the product list

Product editing 

You can edit a product by clicking on the pencil icon in the product list.

Deleting a product 

The product can be removed by clicking on the icon with the picture of the basket. The product will be unavailable for sale on the website in about 10 minutes.

Product detail 

You can see what the product looks like on the web by clicking on the icon with the picture of the eye. For product views you need to be logged in through your Partner account. If you don't have it yet, you can create one.

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