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Expand your product range at MALL/Mimovrste and increase your sales! This article will show you how you can expand your product portfolio in other countries in MALL Partner program and how such expansion can boost your sales.

Why expand your sales in other countries

  1. One of the easiest ways to expand abroad
  2. Increase sales- SK partner which expands to CZ - sales increase to 150% on average
  3. Access a whole new customer portfolio
  4. Test your products on a new market
  5. Possibility to use the MALL Delivery service for CZ and SK market
  6. Possibility to use automatic MALL Self-Billing for CZ and SK market, for other countries Manual billing
  7. In all countries you have same conditions - fees, agreed amount, same processes and work in the partner portal
  8. In all countries you can have the same marketing support (PPC etc..)
  9. Under one login you manage all countries in the MALL Partner Portal. Just click on the country you want to manage at the moment.
  10. To expand to other countries, it is not necessary to upload your entire product portfolio, products can be implemented gradually. However, it is better to expand from your entire product portfolio for best results.

Further information

  • Delivery - in case that there is no possibility to use MALL Delivery service, it is necessary to arrange your own carrier
  • Technical connection - ATTENTION Connection to Heureka XML Feed is only possible in CZ and SK
    For more information on what connections you can use, please see here.
  • Products - have quality translations of products and manuals in the local language of the country and upload products according to requirements for the correct appearance and content of products
  • Categories - Each of the countries where the MALL Partner Program operates has its own unique tree.
    In the article MALL category export you can take a look at the trees of each country
  • Price - products are always sold in the currency of the country + with the VAT of the country
  • Bank account - For more convenient transfers between the partner and MALL, it is better to have secured bank accounts in the currency of the country or a multi-currency account

If you have decided to expand your product range to other countries, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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