Here you will learn how to change the status of orders in FastCentrik so that they are correctly entered into the MALL Partner portal. To fully understand how states in MALL Partner work, we recommend reading the article Order statuses

It's important to work with order statuses properly and on time, as this will help you avoid billing issues. Properly set statuses also allow customers to get up-to-date information about their shipments, improve the customer experience and at the same time reduce the risk of non-collection of shipments or negative reviews of a product or order.

And FastCentrik The following order statuses exist at this time:

- pending
- partially settled
- Handled with
- settled
- canceled

These states are paired with the states it uses MALL Partner. Just as a reminder, I'm adding a diagram:

The pairing of states between MALL Partner and FastCentrik looks like this:

and is described in more detail below.

Procedure for processing the order

Only orders that are in the MALL Partner portal status "will" come to your FastCentrik eshop.Open"And shall be written as"pending„. Therefore, only orders that have already been paid (when paying in advance) or cash on delivery orders will be overwritten.

As soon as you start processing the order, unloading or packing, switch the status of the order in FastCentrik from "pending" to "Handled with". This state corresponds to the state Shipping in MALL Partner.

If the order is canceled by you. It is necessary to set the status in FastCentrik "Canceled", which will be written to the MALL Partner portal as a status Canceled. This status can be set at the latest in the status "pending" / "Shipping". You can read more about canceled orders and their effects in the article Cancel rate.

Once you have placed your order with the carrier for delivery, you will need to switch your order from "pending" to "Settled". This will send information to the partner portal that the order should be set to Shipped.

If everything goes well and the customer takes over the shipment, it is necessary to fill in the field in FastCentrik "Delivery date" (see picture)

Once you fill in this date and the status of the order will be in status "Done", this information is transferred to the Mall Marketplace as status Delivered with filled "Delivered_at". Based on this information, a sales invoice (tax document) is sent to the end customer by Mill and at the same time there is a right to a mutual bill between the Partner and the Mall.

Delivered Status (ie in FastCentrik the status is "Completed" with the completed "Delivery Date") the state is final and cannot be changed after setting it. If there was a condition Delivered set incorrectly, it is necessary to bill the order and then issue a credit note in collaboration with colleagues from the Operations Department. The credit memo must include the order number and return number that Operations sends when the erroneous condition is reported.

If the customer shipment DO NOT TAKE OVER and the goods will be returned to you as unclaimed, you need this condition manually set up in the partner portal as Returned. For the sake of completeness, we state that this status is not entered if the customer withdraws from the purchase contract within the statutory period - for these shipments, the status remains Delivered

If any error occurs in connection with the status of the order, you must contact the Operations department as soon as possible:

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